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Life can take surprising and difficult turns for all of us. Loss of a job, having to move, allergies, divorce, and even death sometimes result in a wonderful pet needing a new home. For those families or individuals with no other options than to re-home a pet, Lollypop Farm is here to help by offering this courtesy listing of animals seeking new families. It's just one of the many resources we offer in our efforts to keep pets out of the shelter environment.

Available Pets

The pets featured below are not animals at Lollypop Farm and require direct communication with their current owner. This listing is a courtesy for those seeking to re-home and animal lovers looking to find a new pet. Lollypop Farm is not responsible for any health conditions or behavior issues the animal may have.


Bella is a Shepherd mix who just turned 1 year old on April 10th. She is crate trained, fully potty trained, and has been formally trained, and can sit, stay, down, speak etc. She is also spayed. She is very playful, and a non aggressive girl. She needs a home with at least a fenced in yard, or a home with land for her to run. Another dog to play with would be ideal. She would be great with kids, but maybe just not really young children. Bella is about 70 lbs, and is a medium to large size dog. She is very loveable and loyal. She needs a family that will spend lots of play time with her, and that has plenty of room for her. If you have a home for Bella, please contact Laura at (585) 802-3602 or


Bella is a very sweet 5-year-old Catahoula Leopard dog/Lab mix who loves to be outside! Her current owners are looking to re-home her because she is not getting along with their 10 year old Mini Dachshund. They feel that Bella has so many more years to offer to someone. She weighs about 30 pounds. Her current owners rescued her as a puppy and she has been around kids her whole life. However, she would do best with kids older than 12. She gets along great with dogs that are her size or older, but not sure about cats. She is not fixed and is house broken. She loves to be outside playing catch. For more information on Bella, please contact Sarah at (585) 750-6986 or


There are currently too many dogs in the home so Chief needs a new place to Live. He is a 2-year-old Beagle/Hound mix who weighs about 25 pounds and has no health issues as far as his current owner knows. They don't really know if he is good with kids as he hasn't been around them. Chief has not been to the vet yet, has only had one rabies shot, and he is not neutered yet. He loves to play with the other dogs, but can get aggressive at times. His current owner doesn't don't know how he is with cats. Chief is a very active dog who needs a lot of room to roam. His favorite thing to do is cuddle with you and he loves to bark. Chief is house broken so he lets you know he has to go out. He is crate trained and has his own bed and blanket, but he only gets crated when his owners are not home – he doesn't need to be crated at night. For more information on Chief, please contact Wayne at (585) 617-4044 or


Coco is a 2-year-old female Pit Bull who needs a new home because her current owner is leaving the country on May 6th for an extended period of time. Coco is an awesome girl. She is well behaved, potty trained, loving and great with kids/other dogs, but does like to chase cats. She is shy at first, but will warm up after a bit. She is also a great guard when anyone approaches the house. Coco's current owner would like to do a meet and greet at the interested parties residence. Coco follows commands and is a lover. If you have a home for her, please contact Ceylan at

Cooper and Kobe

Cooper and Kobe are both 6-month-old Chihuahua/Pom Poodle/Terrier mixes who have been with their current owner since they were 8 weeks old. She does not have the time and dedication it takes to properly care for them and needs to find them a new home. These two MUST go together as they are a very bonded pair. They both love kids and love to play. They have not had shots other than rabies and need to be fixed. They are crate trained for the most part but have had accidents along the way. These boys are the super loveable dogs! For more information, please contact Kelly at (585) 230-5307 or


Felix's owner is no longer able to give him the time he needs. He is a 5-year-old Australian Cattle Dog who weighs about 40- 50 pounds. He is neutered, up to date on his rabies shot, and has no health issues that they know of. He is not good with cats or other dogs. He would do well with other children ages 12 and up because he likes to chase younger ones. Felix is house trained and crate trained. He is a good watch dog and is always aware of his surroundings. Felix is very loyal, and loves to play fetch, Frisbee, take long walks and be outside. A country home would be ideal for him as he needs exercise and challenges to keep his mind sharp. For more information, please contact Brenda at (716) 560-1095 or


Genesee is a healthy and extremely sweet 10 month old Lab/Terrier mix looking for a forever home due to her current owner's work travel requirements. Genny is house trained, was crate trained but hasn't used it in awhile, went through puppy training classes, knows sit, down, stay, and shake, and loves all other living things (whether dog, cat, human, or child). At 45 lbs, she might be a bit too big and playful for very young children (under age 5) but otherwise would make a great family pet. Genny's favorite activities are going for runs and going to the dog park, and she would be happiest in a home with at least one other dog and room to run. Genny has so much love to give, please give her a chance to steal your heart! For more information on Genny, please contact Rachel at (585) 732-1877 or


Jessie is a sweet fun dog rescued and adopted as a puppy. She is 18 months old and a Black Lab/Sharpei mix. She is 72 pounds, spayed, house broken and current on all shots. She is healthy and loves to play, chew on toys and "retrieve" things. Jessie would benefit from a fenced in yard and an owner who would run with and/or walk her daily. Her current caretaker is fostering Jessie as she has grown too large for her owners house and the children in the home. She is good with children but likes to chase so she does better with children over age 10. Jessie gets along with the 7 year old cock-a-poo in the home. She is crate trained but is currently too big for the crate she has. She is very smart and needs stimulation and exercise. If you have a home for Jessie, please contact Renee at (585) 746-7475 or


Macy is a 2-year-old Yellow Lab/Hound mix who was adopted in NC when she was a puppy. Macy has grown to be a loving dog but she has more energy than her current owner's lives are equipped to handle. She would love a fenced in yard to run and play fetch in. She does not get along with cats very well and can become jealous of other dogs. Her current owners would not recommend a home with small children as with her energy she may bump into them chasing something (she is not the most graceful dog). If you like a dog that will cuddle your feet when you sleep, Macy is your girl! She is about 85 lbs and is full grown. Again she has energy to spare so an active lifestyle and someone with a fenced yard to play would suit her best. For more information, please contact Jessica at (315) 719-2284 or


Maximus (Max for short) is a 1-year-old fox terrier/mini pincher mix. Max is a very friendly dog who loves children and is very smart. He is also trained to use dog training pads indoors. He is also very playful. For more information on Max, please contact Whilmenia at (585) 615-5477 or


Murphy is a 6-year-old female Pit Bull/Lab mix who has been with her current owners for almost 5 years. She is a very happy, highly energetic dog. She enjoys going on 2-3 mile long runs and loves being outside. She is spayed and up to date on her rabies vaccine. Her current owners are looking to re-home her because her anxiety levels have become too high due to a move and a new child in the home. Murphy has been taking her anxiety and frustration out on the other dog in the home. She has attacked him several times over the last year and half or so. In the last fight she was injured bad enough to need stitches so right now she has a few cuts that are still healing, but she seems to be her happy self. She would be a great dog for a younger couple or person with no other pets and no young children. She seems to be okay with older children, however, she is highly anxious around the 1 and 3 year olds in the home. Her current owners can no longer afford to keep her for financial and safety reasons. If you have a home for Murphy, please contact James at (315) 559-2246 or


Sweet Pepper is a 4-year-old 46 pound lab/hound mix who simply loves people! She is gentle and loveable. You will only hear her bark at squirrels and cats. She is crate trained and house broken. Has not had one accident! She chews on nothing other than her bones. She shows no food or people aggression and has lived with other dogs. She is just a love bug! Pepper is up to date on all shots and is heart worm negative. She was recently spayed. Pepper is still healing from frostbite wombs suffered when she was a stray earlier this year, but is being followed by a vet. This sweet girl is in need of a new home because of her inability to live with cats. A home without cats or an experienced dog person who can train her would work best. Pepper loves to go for walks and then cuddle with her family. Pepper's best characteristic is her lovable personality. She is a people's dog. For more information on Pepper, please contact Kelly at (585) 410-2271 or


Sophia is a 1 and a half year old spayed female pit bull. She weighs about 75lbs. Sophia is fully potty and crate trained. She is up to date on all of her vaccines and heartworm and stool samples. She has lots of energy and need someone who is willing to be active with her. She is great to take on runs, she matches your pace and doesn't pull you around. She loves to play fetch and swim in her kiddie pool. Sophia is also a great snuggler at the end of a long day. Sophia is was rescued by her current owner is unable to keep her because the other dogs in the home don't get along with her. Sophia gets along with the cats but would do best in a home with no other animals. She is a great dog and her current owner wants her to find a good forever home! For more information on Sophia, please contact Liz at (585) 208-2086 or

Token and D.O.G.

Token and D.O.G. are 3 and 4 year old dogs who are living with family members of their previous owner after he passed away unexpectedly last year. He loved them very much and would want to make sure they found the perfect forever home. Token and D.O.G. do love each other very much so ideally they would love to go together, but under the right circumstances they could be separated. Token is a lab greyhound mix, he is a very tall boy but as gentle as they come. He is good with people and other animals. He likes to just relax with his humans. D.O.G is a lab/bully mix. He has a great big personality and in true lab fashion loves to play ball. D.O.G. is a solid boy and needs further socialization with other dogs beside his brother. They are both wonderful boys that have experienced a tremendous loss. They have a lot of life to offer. For more information on these pups, please contact Bette at (585) 734-5383 or


Tres' (pronounced as the French say the number three) is a 9.5 year old German Shepherd/Lab mix. She is a well behaved girl that is crate trained and perfectly house broken. She weighs 55 pounds and is very agile, quick, and loves to run. She isn't hyper and can lie around and relax or go go go if you want. She gets along with cats and other dogs, but usually wants to be the alpha. She is fine with children. She is healthy as if she were about 2 or 3 still. Her current owner has had Tres since she was 7 months old and due to a divorce and move, he can no longer keep her. If you have a home for Tres, please contact Steve at (585) 752-4329 or


Turner is an 8-year-old very loving pit bull/lab mix. He is very, very good with kids of all ages. His current owners are moving and are not able to take him along. He's up to date on all shots and he's fixed also. He is a good dog and they are sad that they have to let him go. If you have a home for Turner, please contact Timothy at (315) 521-5021 or


Zed is a 2-year-old German Shepherd/Mini Husky mix who came from Texas with his current owner but has too much "spunkyness" for his current home. He weighs about 30 pounds and has no health issues. Zed really likes to run, but his current home does not have a fenced in yard so this makes it very hard for him run around. Zed loves other animals but seems to be a little scared at first. He hasn't seen too many children but when he did he just wanted to play. He is house broken and crate trained but when left alone will wine/cry until removed from the solitude. Zed is a very happy dog. Always wants to play, and never gets tired. He loves to run and needs a fenced in yard - any outdoor activities are his favorite. For more information, please contact Alex at (214) 335-3830 or or Ingrid Dixon at (585) 747-3450..

Bandit and Sneekers

Bandit and Sneekers are sisters that are 10 weeks old. They need a home with more room and where the owners are home more to spend time with them. The one on the left in the photo is Bandit and on the right is Sneekers. For more information, please contact Tara at (716) 425-8489 or


Betty is a very sweet 8-month-old calico cat who loves to be held and loves children. Her current owner had to move back home and another family member in the home has allergies. Betty is up to date with her shots and she's fixed. For more information on Betty, please contact Star at (585) 969-2346 or


Bokon is a wonderful 4-year-old male cat. He enjoys playing and getting pet. His current owner rescued him about a year ago and can no longer keep him due to a move. He uses the cat litter box and is friendly. He is a great companion. He's up to date with his shots and he is FIV positive. He would do well in a home where he gets lots of attention and love. He's a big talker and will make you smile. His current owner wants to give him a chance to live a great life with another family, he deserves it. For more information, please contact Nora at (585) 802-4431 or


Casanova is a beautiful 14 pound (2-3 year old) neutered male who came to live in his current owner's garage about 2 months ago. They have 4 other cats and he just doesn't seem to like the others so assimilating him to their home has not worked. He has been vet checked. He is very healthy and was well cared for. Casanova is completely affectionate and loving, sits on your lap or alongside you to snuggle. He loves to have his big head pet. For more information, please contact Camille at (315) 879-3395 or


Casey is a very petite 9-month-old kitten who weighs about 4 pounds and is litter box trained. His current owner doesn't know how he would do outside, as he has always been an indoor cat. He loves attention from people and playing with anything he can bat around and chase. However, his current owner feels he would be better off in a home with no other cats as he doesn't seem to like them very much, although he loves dogs. His current owner is not sure how he is with children as he has never been around them. Casey is neutered and up to date on all of his shots. For more information, please contact Sandra at (585) 967-7060 or


Casper is an 8-year-old male Siamese cat who is a good boy. He is in good health, fixed, no bad habits, likes to talk to you, and does not scratch furniture. Casper is very cuddly once he is comfortable with his surroundings. He loves to sleep and is very low maintenance. His current owner adopted him from Lollypop Farm and is relocating and can't take along. If you have a home for Casper, please contact Arthur at (585) 694-2437 or


Chi is a 1.5 year old Tabby with brown tiger stripes. She is a young, healthy, and adorable kitty who loves people. Her current owner got her about a year and a half ago, but a family member seems to be allergic to her. They have been trying to cope with this, but it hasn't been working out well, so they are searching for a new home for Chi. She is in perfect health, litter trained, and has been spayed since she was a kitten. She gets along very well with people, but is timid around other animals. Chi is honestly the sweetest who loves attention and enjoys nothing more than curling up in your lap and getting rubbed. She loves to play with string, but is usually very quiet unless you engage her. If you have a home for Chi, please contact Tim at (717) 275-2100 or


Chickpea is a loveable 4-year-old female brown tabby with big, beautiful eyes. She's mild mannered and timid around strangers, but can be very affectionate once she gets comfortable. During the winter she loves to sit on a lap and share the bed at night. Dr. Smith (her veterinarian) describes her as a sweetheart. Her current owners are looking to re-home her because their other two cats are aggressive towards her, and so they feel she would be best off in a single cat home. They don't know how she would do with dogs. She has been spayed, but not declawed. Her shots are current until mid-September. Chickpea recently had her incisors extracted due to some dental issues. She's still the same adorable kitty, just minus her little fangs. The rest of her teeth are in good condition. She's a healthy cat, her only issue being that she's a little overweight. If you have a home for Chickpea, please contact Jonathan at (419) 509-8239 or


Creamer is a 1-year-old female cat who is great with kids and other cats but has never been around dogs. She loves attention and is super clean. She is fixed, microchipped, and up to date on shots. She needs a new home due to allergies in the family. For more information on Creamer, please contact Maria at (585) 284-7038 or


Diamond is a 1-year-old long haired black and white cat. She is great with kids and other cats, and has been around a dog at her last home. She loves attention and is very friendly. She has shots and is microchipped. She is also fixed. Diamond needs a new home due to allergies in her current home. For more information on Diamond, please contact Maria at (585) 284-7038 or


Jack is a 4-year-old attractive cat who gets lots of compliments for his looks. He has blue-green eyes, white/grey/tan fur, neutered, and is around 13 pounds. He mostly likes to lie around in a cozy spot until he is ready for attention, then he will come seek you out. He is an indoor only cat who is up to date on his shots and is used to getting his nails trimmed. He is okay with young children, mostly keeping his distance. His current owners are sadly parting with him since it turns out their toddler is allergic. But he would make a wonderful addition to any home. For more information on Jack, please contact Seamus at (585) 752-2778 or

Jay Jay, Mama and Bottom

Jay Jay, Mama and Bottom all need new homes. Jay Jay is a 1.5 year old male calico who is very friendly and playful, and has a beautiful black and white coat. Bottom is a 1.5 year old female calico in a gray striped coat. She is very playful and calm. Mama is a 3.5 year old female Siamese calico mix who is very tiny and sweet. If you have a home for any of these cats, please contact Samantha at (585) 458-1648 or


Jill is the forever kitten who loves to show off her acrobatic skills and dexterity. She is a 4-year-old all white cat with green eyes, extra "thumbs", spayed, and is around 8lbs. She is an indoor only cat that is up to date with her shots and is use to having her nails trimmed. She is very easy going and loves to play/explore, especially with bags and boxes. She's a climber so don't be surprised to see her wedged into the highest spot possible. It breaks her current owner's hearts to get rid of her, but it turns out their toddler is allergic. But she would be a perfect fit for any home. For more information on Jill, please contact Seamus at (585) 752-2778 or


Kit is a gorgeous black/grey marbled tabby who has lived in a senior citizen apartment with her elderly owner. Unfortunately, Kit's owner died recently & Kit is now in her current caretakers household with 2 dogs & 6 other cats. Kit lived with them another time when her owner was in the hospital & rehab for 6 months & was not able to fit in despite a careful introduction process. She has to be in a separate area of house. Kit is not a fan of dogs but is ok with other cats that are not aggressive toward her. Her current caretakers have a dominant & aggressive female who won't allow her into the group. Kit was a wonderful companion to her owner & deserves a home where she can be queen of the castle again. Kit is a bit over weight but otherwise healthy & her current caretakers will be updating her vaccinations. She is friendly, enjoys attention, & loves playing with peacock feathers. For more information, please contact Michael or Gail at (315) 946-4899 or (315) 690-6947 or


Luna is a loving, extremely cuddly, playful cat. If you want constant companionship, this cat is for you. At 8 years old and approximately 11 pounds and spayed, she is still very agile and active and has had no health problems. The only problem is that she refuses to share a litter box with the two other cats in the home. When she was a single cat, she never had any issues and used the box all of the time. Her current owners gave her a separate box in the basement, but are now remodeling and that will no longer be possible. They are trying to find her a new home where she can go back to being in a single-cat household. Luna is up-to-date on vaccinations and great with children. For more information on Luna, please contact JoAnn at (585) 730-1416 or


Marley is 9 years old and is a very affectionate cat who loves to be held or to sit on your lap. He is very playful and gets along with other cats and dogs. He is up to date on his rabies certificate and is microchipped. He is litter box trained. He loves belly rubs and has the most amazingly loud purr that he does often. If you have a home for Marley, please contact Jaclyn at (585) 354-5000 or


Maybe's current owner is moving and the new home is not cat friendly. Maybe is a very petite grey tabby. She does get along with other cats, but she does mind dogs. Right now she lives with 2 other cats, and they all get along quite well. She is litter box trained, does not scratch up furniture, no bad habits like that. She is very quiet, and doesn't meow much. She enjoys playing with laser pointers and hair ties. Some days she's active, and others she has lazy days. Her current owner would love to see her go to a good home, with another kitty so she has a playmate! For more information, please contact Melissa at (585) 905-9130 or

Meow Meow

Meow Meow is a 5-year-old very lovable kitty who requires a lot of attention. She likes to play fetch with her little mouse, play in her playhouse, and chase around strings. If you lay in bed with her and move your feet around under the blanket she will pounce on you back and forth. She is NOT declawed, but if you give her milk after every nail cutting she behaves like an angel for it. She has been spayed and is current on all of her vaccines. If you have a home for Meow Meow, please contact Marnie at (585) 260-5029 or


Hi my name is Mia and I need to find a new home. My person became very sick and has been hospitalized for a while now. I thought he would be coming home but it looks like he may need to go to one of those assisted living places (whatever those are). I am very sad and lonely living in the house all alone so his family would like to find a nice home for me. I am used to being the only fur baby and may have a tough time getting along with others. I am sure with time I would adapt but my preference is to be the only ruler of the roost! I am very pretty, and have striking blue eyes (although it's hard to see them in the picture). I am 13 years old, spayed, and an indoor cat as I don't have any claws in my front paws. If you have a home for me, please contact Alisha at (585) 269-8921 or


Mimi is a 2-year-old black short haired cat. She is good with kids but might be scared of strangers. She is good with other cats and small animals and dogs. She is fixed, microchipped, and up to date on shots. She needs a new home due to allergies in the family. For more information on Mimi, please contact Maria at (585) 284-7038 or


Oreo is a sweet, friendly 1.5 year old kitty who loves being petted and showing lots of love to her owners. They got her about a year and a half ago, but a family member seems to be allergic to her. They have been trying to cope with this, but it hasn't been working out very well, so they are looking for a new home for Oreo. Oreo loves people and can't get enough of being rubbed and patted. She will follow you around and rub against your legs, and whenever you sit down, she will be the first one on your lap. She doesn't get along with other cats and dogs very well, though. She is very healthy, is litter trained, and has been spayed since she was a kitten. She loves playing with toys that have string attached and can be dangled in front of her, but she is very quiet otherwise. If you have a home for Oreo, please contact Tim at (717) 275-2100 or


Rusty is 12 years old and is a laid back guy who loves taking naps and eating! He is 13 lbs but not overweight. He likes talking to you when he wants pets and his food. He is not a lap cat but is content sitting next to you on the couch. He would love someone to pet him 24/7 if that were possible. He is very friendly to all people and gets along with cats and dogs but would do best in a quieter home, especially without children. He acts a lot younger than his age and loves catnip! He has no health issues and is up to date on vaccinations. No litter box problems either. If you have a home for Rusty, please contact Eliscia at (585) 413-8299 or


Sunrise is a 5-year-old sweet and spirited 10 pound calico. She can be a little shy at first, but is very affectionate once she gets to know you. She is strictly a house cat, and has never gone outside except onto a balcony. She is in excellent health, and has been cared for by the Village Vet in Webster. She is up-to-date on all of her vaccinations. Her current owner adopted her from Lollypop Farm 5 years ago, but cannot keep her due to severe allergies. Her current owner is looking to place her in a new and loving home. If you have a home for Sunrise, please contact Jim at (585) 354-8009.


Talulah is a sweet 5-year-old Calico cat with cow hocks. It's a condition where her hind legs are shorter so she can't really jump well. Other than that she is normal and healthy. If you want a cat that won't be climbing everywhere she is perfect. She has very pretty coloring. She is one of two cats her current owners need to find a home for because their son is moving back home and he is highly allergic to cats. Abigail (also on re-homing list) and Talulah were raised together so it would be ideal to keep them together but not mandatory. For more information, please contact Alan at (585) 469-4614 or


Tigger is a quiet and shy 4-year-old male long haired tabby. His current owner rescued him a year ago. He is up to date on his shots. He's a nice cat but would do better in a quiet home with an adult and maybe a kitten. He enjoys cuddling and spending quiet time. His current owner will be relocating and will not be able to bring him along. He gets ear infections here and there but nothing that a vet can't fix, and he is FIV positive. Tigger deserves a chance to live a great life, he is a wonderful cat. For more information, please contact Nora at (585) 802-4431 or


Tinkerbell is 6 years old and was only supposed to be with her current owner for 6 weeks, but her previous owner never came back for her. She gets along with the other animals in the home but the dogs like to chase her. If you have a home for Tinkerbell, please contact Tara at (716) 425-8489 or


Vyaunia was born on June 6, 2006 at 6am. She will soon be 8 years old! She is a Longhair Bengal. Her mother is a Bengal, and her father is an American Short hair. She is spayed. Vyaunia weighs 12 pounds. She is in need of her current shots. Her current owners have been unable to afford shots for a few years now. She gets along well with her parents. Not sure how well with other cats, but she doesn't get along well with children under 10 years of age. She is very sweet, just not around children or dogs. Vyaunia is an indoor cat only. She enjoys sleeping in the sun, anywhere comfy, or in her very own crate. Vyuania likes nice, loving, quiet families who have a lot of love and attention to show. She likes playing find the spotlight, catch the string, and if you have a small plush toy with yarn hair, she just might enjoy that too. She loves sleeping under a warm blanket with her current owners, getting her head scratched, but never her stomach or tail. Vyaunia love catnip treats. She loves Meow Mix chunks wet food cups, although she will enjoy any wet food. She enjoys eating dry food, though her stomach is sometimes a little sensitive to it. She tends to chew plastic bags that make her vomit. Her current owners trained her well for this, so anytime she is about to vomit, she is trained to run to the litter box and empty her stomach there. If Vyaunia needs a bath, please be gentle! She loathes bathes and doesn't like getting her fur wet. Same with brushing, she never liked brushes. Vyaunia prefers to groom herself, despite needing an occasional brushing. She is a good sweet cat who prefers to be the baby of the home! For more information, please contact Jennifer at (585) 285-8821 or


Zero is a very sweet 18-month-old girl who is litter box trained. She does well with kids and other pets except dogs, so she needs a home with no dogs if possible. She is very healthy and up to date with her shots. It breaks her current owner's hearts to have to re-home her, but she Is just not happy with their dog. For more information on Zero, please contact Alison at (787) 239-6640 or


Due to an upcoming graduation and a move to college Spirit needs a new home. She is a very friendly, affectionate and gentle horse. She is a great trail horse and loves to take long, easy rides. Because of her Arab blood, Spirit lives up to her name and sometimes she will become quite the spitfire. She does have some herd-bound behavior issues and can get spooked easily, but those issues disappear if you work with her consistently. When her current owner says spook, she means just a quick dash foreword or a sudden stop. She will not rear, bolt, buck or bite. At times she may seem like a handful, but she really is a sweetheart. Spirit is very patient and can easily be trained out of her vices, you just NEED to have the time to dedicate to her. She takes a bit and can be ridden western or bareback. She would be suitable for an intermediate to advanced rider looking for a horse to take relaxing rides with. She would not be good for someone looking to show or compete; she is strictly a trail horse. She could even make a wonderful companion or pasture horse. She loves to swim and play in water and her favorite treats are apples. Spirit is very friendly to other animals and all people, including children. She is very dear to her current owner and she would like her to go to the perfect home. Please contact Hannah at (607) 765-8342 or for more information.

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