Careers at Lollypop Farm

Looking for a career in animal welfare? Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester, may have the perfect employment opportunity for you in animal care, veterinary care, fundraising, programs, and administration. Lollypop Farm is a community-funded nonprofit animal shelter and learning center located in Fairport, NY on a 140-acre campus. It employs over 115 full- and part-time employees with an annual operating budget of over $8 million. Its modern, 55,000 sq.ft. facility shelters domestic pets and farm animals and offers a variety of programs to the community.

CURRENT Employment Opportunities

Animal Care Attendant
Lollypop Farm is hiring for part-time Animal Care Attendants. The Animal Care Attendant’s role is to keep the animals clean, fed and enriched throughout the day, and keep work areas clean and well stocked. Learn more about the position and apply online »

Clinic Administrative Assistant
Lollypop Farm is hiring for one full-time Clinic Administrative Assistant. This role will focus on improving the communication between the clinic and the shelter, as well as with our clients. This position will streamline communication between departments, assist the clinic manager in resolving issues, provide up-to-date and complete medical records for all patients and deliver exceptional customer service. Learn more about the position and apply online »

Digital Media Specialist
Lollypop Farm is hiring for a full-time Digital Media Specialist. The Digital Media Specialist works in a collaborative environment to publish content to promote the initiatives of Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester. This position is responsible for website maintenance, design, and optimization; email campaigns; graphic design; and other related tasks. Learn more about the position and apply online »

Director of Development
Lollypop Farm is hiring for a full-time Director of Development. The Director of Development directs Lollypop Farm’s donor engagement and fundraising programs. This position is a key steward of the organization’s culture of philanthropy that helps donors fulfill their passions and interests through their giving to Lollypop Farm. Collaborating across the organization and with the development team, the director maximizes annual contributed revenue from individual donors, corporations, foundations and other entities by overseeing staff managing a wide variety of giving programs. The Director of Development applies the highest ethical standards to donor relations in alignment with Lollypop Farm’s mission, vision, and values. Learn more about the position and apply online »

Events Manager
Lollypop Farm is hiring for a full-time Events Manager. The Events Manager is responsible for the strategic development and tactical execution of fundraising, stewardship, and program events that engage the community in the mission and work of Lollypop Farm. Learn more about the position and apply online »

Temporary Facilities Maintenance Technician
Lollypop Farm is hiring for a temporary Facilities Maintenance Technician. The Facilities Maintenance Technician works to maintain the building, equipment and grounds, and prioritize/resolve time-sensitive work requests from internal departments. The Facilities Maintenance Technician also completes mechanical repairs, supports strategic projects to improve animal welfare, improves the facility and maintains safe shelter operation. This position is primarily responsible for assisting with building repair and maintenance, lawn care, landscaping, and janitorial work. Learn more about the position and apply online »

Veterinary Assistant
Lollypop Farm is hiring for a part-time Veterinary Assistant. The Vet Assistant’s role is to assist the veterinarians and technicians by facilitating the effective and efficient operation of the clinic for animal treatment and surgery. Learn more about the position and apply online »

Core Values

We embrace and recognize that Lollypop Farm donors are the heroes of our work — voluntarily offering time or money, no matter the amount — to support our mission. Together, our core values unify and guide us to provide the best service to the animals, our community, our organization, and ourselves.

Compassion: We show empathy and sympathy for what people and animals are experiencing through positive and constructive actions.

Communication: We engage in a two-way process to exchange thoughts, feelings, and ideas in pursuit of a mutually-accepted goals or direction.

Flexibility: We are willing and comfortable adapting to new circumstances and conditions.

Commitment: We persevere in our efforts to achieve our mission.

Teamwork: We collaborate and communicate to achieve a common goals, understanding that the organization works best when unified.

Integrity: We pursue our mission with honor, fairness, and respect for animals, individuals, the organization, and our community.

Respect: We show consideration and professional regard for all aspects of the organization.