Employment Opportunities

Looking for a position in animal care, sheltering, veterinary care, or animal programs? Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester, may have the perfect employment opportunity for you. Lollypop Farm is a community-funded nonprofit animal shelter and learning center located in Fairport, NY on a 140-acre campus. It employs over 90 full- and part-time employees with an annual operating budget of over $6 million. Its modern, 55,000 sq.ft. facility shelters domestic pets and farm animals, and offers a variety of programs to the community.

CURRENT Employment Opportunities

Maintenance Coordinator
Lollypop Farm has a full-time opportunity as the Maintenance Coordinator in our Facilities Department. The primary function of the Maintenance Coordinator is to preform maintenance and maintain operational functionality of the facility and grounds; serve as a secondary site contact for all sub-contracted maintenance and repair services; and ensure implementation of standards set for safety, security, general maintenance and cleanliness of the facility.
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Farm Attendant
Lollypop Farm has one full-time opportunity available as a Farm Attendant. The primary function of the Farm Attendant is to care for and rehabilitate farm animals at Lollypop Farm; work on improving the adoptability of the animals; and educate the public on the care of farm animals.
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Talent List

Lollypop Farm invites candidates to submit resumes to our Talent List for positions that may not be currently open. We’ll consider your qualifications when new positions open up.

Humane Education Camp Counselor
While we are not currently hiring for the position, we are inviting candidates to submit a résumé and/or application for a temporary position as a Humane Education Camp Counselor to keep in our Talent List for future openings. Click here to submit an application or resume for future possibilities.

Clinic Positions
While the Clinic team is currently fully staffed, and we are not currently hiring for these positions, we are inviting candidates to submit a résumé and or application for a Veterinary Technician or Veterinary Assistant position to keep in our Talent List for future openings.


Our core values unify and guide us to provide the best service to the animals, our community, our organization and ourselves:

  • We exhibit our compassion for each other and the animals in everything we do
  • We communicate openly and clearly
  • We are flexible in our approach to an ever changing environment
  • We drive for continuous improvement through our individual commitment
  • We embrace teamwork among staff and volunteers
  • We build the Lollypop Farm Community through personal integrity, respect and support for each other.


Core Values

Compassion: Showing empathy and sympathy for what others—people and animals—are experiencing through constructive and positive actions.

Communication: A two-way process in which there is an exchange and progression of thoughts, feelings, or ideas towards a mutually accepted goal or direction.

Flexibility: Being willing and comfortable adapting to new circumstances and conditions.

Commitment: A pledge to the mission, fellow employees, volunteers, animals, and the community.

Teamwork: Willingness to collaborate and communicate to achieve a common goal, understanding that the organization works best when unified.

Integrity: Pursue our mission with honor, fairness, and respect for animals, individuals, and the organization.

Respect: Showing consideration and professional regard for all aspects of the organization.