Contact the Admissions Counselor

Attention: Lollypop Farm is currently limiting dog intake. Due to construction, a number of dog kennels are currently closed which limits dog care capacity. During this time, we encourage you to utilize the free re-homing courtesy listing if you have a dog who needs a new home. If this is an emergency, please contact an admissions counselor at 585-223-1330 x275.

If you feel you have an emergency that requires you to surrender your pet to Lollypop Farm immediately, please give us a call at 585-223-1330.

If you are considering surrendering your pet, please complete this form or call us at 585-223-1330 x275 to share your information with our Admissions Counselors. They will be in touch with you to offer potential solutions and resources to best help you and your pet, and if necessary, they will schedule an appointment to surrender your pet to Lollypop Farm. We want to help ensure space and resources for all pets being brought to the shelter. Please note: Due to high call volumes, your call will be returned as soon as possible in the order received. Thank you for your patience.

Animal Admissions Contact Us Form
Your Pet’s Information: Please include the following information (Your pet’s name, breed and relevant medical/behavioral information, and the general reason for surrendering your pet.