Special Adoption Programs

Thank you for considering adopting your new pet from Lollypop Farm! We invite you to take advantage of the special adoption programs we offer year-round to help place pets who might wait longer for adoption than others. You’ll enjoy a lower or even waived adoption fee and you’ll be giving a deserving pet a wonderful new home!

Questions? Call (585) 223-1330 or contact us by email.

Can I Crash on Your Couch?

Can I Crash on Your Couch?

Lollypop Farm is piloting a new program! Short-term sleepovers will allow members of the public to take select pets for adoption home for up to 14 days, letting them get to know the pet in their home. The program is being tested as a way to help reduce stress for the pets at Lollypop Farm while giving them increased visibility in the community. Plus, sleepovers give adopters the ability to see if a pet is a good fit for their home before making a lifelong commitment. It’s win-win!

Participants interested in extended sleepovers with a pet go through a similar counseling experience Lollypop Farm provides adopters, helping to ensure a happy experience for everyone involved. After, they will be provided everything they need for the pet in their care such as food.

Interested in a short-term sleepover with a pet? Visit our main Fairport location and speak to an adoption counselor today!

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Older people enjoy many benefits when they share their lives with a pet: research tells us that companion animals can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, ease loneliness and depression, increase physical activity, and in turn, improve overall health. The quiet and doting home of a senior citizen can be the perfect match for an older animal in need of a loving companion.

The Seniors-for-Seniors Adoption Program is open to adopters who are 60 years of age or older.  Lollypop Farm expert adoption counselors will help you select a dog or cat who is at least six years old who fits into your lifestyle and housing situation. The adoption fee is waived.

Your free adoption still includes all the regular benefits included with adoption like spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, a microchip implant and free registration, a free follow-up health exam with a participating veterinarian, and a new-pet welcome kit.

Simply visit any Lollypop Farm adoption center and let us know you are interested in a Seniors-for-Seniors adoption!

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Pets for Patriots


The Pets for Patriots program creates a win-win situation for military veterans and homeless pets. Lollypop Farm is a proud partner in this national program, which promotes adoption of shelter animals who are often overlooked to veterans, reduces overall costs of pet ownership for veterans, provides healing to those dealing with issues like PTSD or depression, and lends ongoing support to military adopters and their families.

To take part in Pets for Patriots and receive a 50% discount on your adoption fee, you must first apply through Pets for Patriots. The program accepts applications from men and women at all stages of their military careers and from all U.S. armed forces — from WWII veterans to those currently serving.

To be eligible for a Pets for Patriots adoption, pets must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Dog or cat aged two years or older
  • Special-needs dog or cat (e.g., with a birth defect, disability, or chronic medical condition), regardless of age
  • Large dog (40+ pounds), regardless of age

Once you have received your approval letter from Pets for Patriots, simply visit any Lollypop Farm adoption center and show us your letter!

Meet pets for adoption

Adoption Specials and Events


Lollypop Farm frequently offers adoption specials or events to help promote pets who are waiting for adoption. From Adopt-a-Cat Month in June, to Adopt-a-Dog Month in October, and specials around holidays, there’s bound to be a special coming up! These will be listed on our Events Calendar, on the pet adoption pages, and by email, so stay connected for news of upcoming specials.

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