Bark in the Mew Year

December 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021 all-day
Lollypop Farm
99 Victor Road Fairport
New York 14450


Generous partners in our community are helping us find pets homes just in time for the New Year! Keep an eye out for festive decorations, Facebook lives, fun promotions, and featured pets throughout the month of December. And now through December 31st receive 50% off* when you provide a loving home for a dog, cat, small animal, bird, or reptile!

*some exceptions may apply


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Bark in the Mew YEar with Meadow!

Brindle dog with brown nose and big eyes. Has a red collar.

This sweetheart was transferred to us all the way from Florida. She’s just a year old and is very stressed here in a shelter environment. Meadow has A LOT of energy and will need someone to help her find outlets for all of it. She really wants to be the best doggy she can be, but she’ll need someone willing to work with her and show her how. If anyone needs a friend…it’s Meadow. Will you help her start the new year on the right hpaw?

We think she would probably do best in an adult-only home or family with older children. She can also be a little particular when it comes to making new furry friends, so she’ll definitely want to meet any resident dogs.



Bark in the Mew YEar with Bunny!

Looking for a mellow companion to relax with? Meet Bunny the Cat! You won’t have to worry about this bunny hopping around; Bunny loves to nap in a cozy bed and laze around in sunbeams. Her favorite thing to do is hang out with her people, making her a perfect companion animal. In return for her endless cuddles, Bunny will need regular medical care to treat her diabetes. Want to know more about this wonderful girl? Email for more information or to set up an appointment to meet Bunny.





Bark in the Mew YEar with Milo!

Milo is very enthusiastic and has bunches of energy to spare. He loves attention from his friends, but is very nervous meeting new people. But once he’s warmed up, he’s ready to show you what a goofy pup he really can be! He would really love to live in a quiet, adult-only household and would love to meet any dog friends before going home. Cats are a bit too exciting for Milo, as he enjoys chasing them.

Because he can be shy at first, he’ll need a couple of meetings with a potential family before going home. It takes some time to be able to trust people, but I’m sure with time we’ll be best friends. Please schedule a meeting with Milo by emailing




Bark in the Mew YEar with Rippy! (AKA THE RIPTIDE)

Recognize this face? That’s right! Rippy (aka Riptide) is the face of Bark in the Mew Year! This sweet goof has been at Lollypop Farm for six months. He originally was being treated for heartworm, but we’re happy to say Rippy has a clean bill of health! Now the only thing he’s being treated to are snausages, snuggles, and lots of playtime. Rippy is stressed in his kennel so he spends most of his days hanging out with his friends in the offices. Rippy will need to be the only pet in your home, but we know this goof will fill your home with a whole lot of love! Rippy is living at a foster home currently but would to meet you. Give us a call and ask to speak to an adoption counselor to meet Rippy!





Bark in the Mew YEar with Verdi!

Come one, come all, and meet the delightful Verdi. She is a beautiful brown long-haired tiger with an amazing voice…Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow. Verdi loves attention and talking. She’s also a good listener and would love to be told how fantastic she is. She would like to keep you company while you watch an opera or any chick-flick (and she would prefer if there were real chicks or birds in them). She is a young 12-year-old. Verdi qualifies for the senior-for-senior program, where any person 60 years of age or older can adopt her for free. Stop by and meet this magnificent feline and let her gentle purr be your nightly lullaby.





Bark in the Mew YEar with Linda!

Linda was brought to Lollypop Farm when she was discovered living in a basement with her two puppies, but you would never know it from her sweet demeanor and goofy energy. Over a hundred pounds, there is so much of Linda to love. She would love to be playing and running around, but she is currently being treated for heartworm. This means her adopters will need to keep her resting until she receives her clean bill of health. Once she does we just know she’ll be up for all the walkies, games of fetch, hikes, and chase you can muster up! Come meet Linda today!





Bark in the Mew YEar with Lucy!

The girl with kaleidoscope eyes… Actually, Lucy is a feline with amazing golden eyes and a tuxedoed coat. Lucy can be a real spitfire and has been brought back by her adopters twice for biting. She’s now looking for a barn or an indoor/outdoor where she can have space away from her humans when she wants and feel less confined and frustrated. Lucy prefers to be the only pet in her new home and because of her history of biting she is looking for a home without children. While she has her sassy side, Lucy can also be a real snuggle bug when she wants to, on her own terms of course. If you’re a cat savvy person, looking for a little spice in your life, Lucy could be just what you need. Please contact Vicky at to make an appointment to meet her.