Let’s have some fun! If you are in grades 2nd-9th, we invite you to submit a design for this upcoming year’s camp t-shirt! Voting will take place by our very own Lollypop Farm staff and a winner will be selected by 5/23. The winning design will receive epic bragging rights, plus a free week of camp!*

Need some ideas to get those creative juices flowing? Just think: Summer + The animals of Lollypop Farm – we have so many options to choose from!

The rules:

  • Participants must be in grades 2nd-9th.
  • The drawing must be 1 solid color (preferably black marker so the lines are thick) on an 8.5×11 sheet of white paper or an 8.5×11 digital canvas.
  • If hand-drawn, please scan or take a high-resolution photograph of your design and submit it as JPG, PNG, or PDF.
  • 1 submission per person.

Please note:

  • The winner will be selected via staff voting.
  • The design may need to be slightly altered for design purposes.

What makes a great t-shirt design?:

  • Dark, thick lines
  • Simple, neat designs

Things to avoid:

  • Light, thin lines
  • Overly detailed designs

Submit your drawing here!

Questions? Email education@lollypop.org!

*If the winner is not already registered, we will sign you up! If the winner is already registered for this year, we will discuss a refund of the registration fee, an additional week of camp, or camp 2023 free registration.