Kitten Shower Helps Homeless Litters

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During the spring and summer months, kittens arrive at animal shelters in droves, often motherless and requiring round-the-clock care. “Kitten Season” poses a need for both foster volunteers to care for these babies, and supplies to ensure their survival.

Kitten Season

Just last week, a single bottle baby was brought to Lollypop Farm early in the morning. He had been found inside of a sorting machine at a local recycling plant. Lucky for this little guy, an employee heard him crying and brought him to the shelter, where he was fed, warmed up, and sent to a foster care home that very same day. The week before, a group of seventeen bottle babies arrived at Lollypop Farm, making the number of kitten admissions that day alone reach nearly 30. As we were writing this article, three more newborn bottle babies arrived at the shelter. As you can see, kitten season may sound adorable, but is in fact a difficult time for shelters trying to care for the large numbers of kittens arriving each and every day.

We are incredibly fortunate to have a network of over a hundred foster care volunteers to help care for these kittens, but we need help from the general public, too.

In the spring and summer months, kittens arrive at shelters across the US in great numbers.

With the increasing number of kittens being surrendered to Lollypop Farm this season, we’re asking the public to join us for a Kitten Shower on Sunday, May 20 at Lollypop Farm or at our Greece Ridge Mall adoption location. Attendees will get to meet our newest arrivals, and enjoy a slice of kitten shower cake if they bring a gift for litters on the way!

Kitten Wish List

If you attend the Kitten Shower, you’ll get a slice of cake when you donate any of the following:

  • KMR formula for kittens
  • Kitten food (wet and dry)
  • Kitten/cat toys
  • Snuggle Safe pet bed microwave warming disks
  • Postal scales for weighing kittens
  • PetAG complete nursing kits

If you can’t attend the Kitten Shower, don’t worry – you can still be a huge help to kittens in need by shopping our Amazon Kitten Wish List! When you order supplies for homeless kitties, they will be shipped directly to Lollypop Farm. Donations can also be dropped off at our main shelter in Fairport or our Greece Ridge Mall Adoption Center.

Your support helps us care for each and every kitten currently in our foster care program.

Thank you, in advance, from all of the kittens here at Lollypop Farm and currently in our foster care program. We hope to see you at the Kitten Shower! ❤

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