Lollypop Farm classroom programs offer interactive, educational presentations about specific subjects in animal welfare, and can be provided offsite or at our main campus. Presentations are tailored to the audience’s age level and interests and are available to groups of any kind, including schools, clubs, homeschool groups, and community organizations.

  • Offsite classroom programs: We require presentation space, a small table for materials, and a computer/projector or Smartboard for a PowerPoint presentation.  Max classroom size is 50 students, unless otherwise noted.
  • Onsite classroom programs: During the school year, we are happy to host group presentations in our Barn Classroom. All presentations must be scheduled in advance and will take place during our normal hours of operation. Our classroom space will comfortably accommodate a maximum group size of 25 people. While it is possible to schedule larger groups, we need advance notice in order to schedule a larger room. You may also add a Behind the Scenes Tour for additional fee.

Please note that Lollypop Farm generally does not bring live animals to off-site presentations or events. We may have other options for you, so please contact us by email.

Request a date early for best availability! We recommend submitting your request at least one month in advance of your desired date.

Educational Scholarships Available


  • How to Speak Dog! Dog Body Language and Bite Prevention
    • Students will learn that dogs communicate using their bodies. They will explore how dogs show different emotions such as happiness, stress, fear, frustration, nervousness, and relaxation.
    • Approximate Length: 45 minutes
    • Age Range: Pre K – 5
    • Program Fee: $50
  • PEP! (Pet Education Project) TALK
    • PEP! Talks are fun classroom workshops to teach kids ‘The 5 Steps to a Happy and Healthy Pet!©’ PEP! Talks incorporate a variety of visuals, music, games, and prizes to engage kids on topics that promote responsible pet ownership!
    • Approximate Length: 45 minutes
    • Age Range: K – 8
    • Program Fee: $50
  • Pet First Aid & CPR
    • Learn lifesaving skills to help protect your furry family member. This class is designed to help pet owners provide temporary, urgent care to pets until they can reach a veterinary or emergency clinic.
    • Teen Program:
      • Age Range: 12 – 17
      • Approximate Length: 3 hours
      • Max group size: 20 people
      • Program Fee: $65 per person
    • Adult Program:
      • Age Range: Adult
      • Approximate Length: 4 hours
      • Max group size: 20 people
      • Program Fee:$75 per person
  • Careers with Animals
    • This program explores a variety of animal-related careers, including the veterinary field, shelter work, animal behavior, and more. Participants will discuss the benefits and challenges of these careers and learn more about the training and education required to pursue them.
    • Approximate Length: 45 minutes
    • Age Range: All Ages
    • Program Fee: $50
  • Lollypop Farm
    • How did Lollypop Farm get its name? What is the difference between Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society, and the SPCA? What programs and services are there to help animals? Learn more about the history of Lollypop Farm and how you can help homeless and abused pets.
    • Approximate Length: 45 minutes
    • Age Range: All Ages
    • Program Fee: $50


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