Classroom Mouse Adoption Program

Having a classroom pet can instill a sense of responsibility and respect for life within young adults and children. Lollypop Farm has just the perfect classroom pet for you: a mouse! Mice are low-maintenance animals, making them great for students of any age to help care for.

By signing up for this program, you can expect:

  • To adopt a mouse from Lollypop Farm.
  • An education team member from Lollypop Farm will bring your new classroom pet mouse with their full setup, including a tank, water bottle, food dish, and enough bedding and food to get you started.
  • The same education team member will present to your class about mice and what’s involved in their care.
  • A digital download of printable documents, including Mouse Care 101, Daily Care Tracker, Weekend Care Sign-up, Enrichment Craft Sheets, and more!

Program Cost: FREE!
Program Length (dependent on grade level): 30-60 minutes.
Program Grade Levels: This program is open to any educator with a classroom including homeschool groups as well!

*When adopting a mouse for your classroom, please keep in mind that they will need to be cared for during weekends and school breaks.

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