Pet Assisted Therapy Program (PAT)

Please note: We are not currently holding the Pet Assisted Therapy (PAT) program. Please stay tuned for future updates.


The Pet Assisted Therapy (PAT) program of Lollypop Farm has been serving members of our community in a unique and meaningful way for several decades. Our volunteers and their therapy animals provide comfort, motivation, inspiration, compassion, affection, and joy to people of all ages and backgrounds.

We are able to serve the Rochester community thanks to the dedication of about 60 volunteers and their registered therapy animals. Most of our volunteers have dogs, but we also include cats, Guinea pigs rabbits, rats, and ferrets in the program. All of our volunteers have completed the rigorous training requirements, are registered, and fully-insured.

PAT visits about 50 different locations and serves approximately 4,000 people each year. Our visits are scheduled during the week, as well as some evenings and weekends. We visit nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, group homes, schools, agencies for people with developmental disabilities, and we also attend various special events.


From agencies:

“I was especially pleased at how your staff members were very person-centered. Several of our residents have disabilities and find animals to be a relaxing option. Your staff took the time to explain about the animals during the visit. I felt my residents enjoyed every moment. Thank you for your sensitivity and insight.” –Kim J., Forest Park

“Neo is an amazing dog and so well-behaved!! The individuals are doing great with him and I can’t believe the progress that they have made. The first few times they came out, this one individual would not even look at Neo. Now he is throwing the ball for him and playing tug of war!! Kelly has gotten them all to throw the ball for him and watch as he catches the ball. Her enthusiastic attitude and perseverance is all the encouragement they need!! They are even allowing her to place Neo on their laps so they can pet him when they say goodbye!!. I cannot say enough great things about this program and the affect it has had on the individuals!! Today I was able to observe the individuals ‘light up’ the moment they walked in the door. This is such a beneficial program and we are very grateful to have the opportunity to be part of it!! Thanks again!!” – Sue E., Lifetime Assistance

“We applaud the wonderful work all of you do with the animals” –Kandy L., Perinton Park

“Thank you for your visit to Aaron Manor. Our residents always look forward to your visit. Thank you for sharing your ‘gifts’ with us.” – Bev S., Aaron Manor

“It brings them joy. It brings them peace. And it brings them a little bit of a release of the everyday fear of being in the hospital,” – Eva P., Rochester General Hospital

From volunteers:

“You have been unbelievably wonderful to work with. I will always have fond memories of the visits and will look back on the photos we took and the fun time we had everywhere we went. Thank you for all you have done for the community, for the animals and for our dogs, we will never forget.”

“I can’t believe that Argento and I have been doing this for a year now. We have enjoyed it so much. It has been our pleasure to be a part of the Lollypop PAT Team. We have met a lot of very nice people and pets. With the best part being that we have made some great new friends.”

“Not only do we love going to this visit, but it is amazing how much the guys react to Neo. They really like throwing the ball to him and watching him run around. To see such great progress with their interactions has been very rewarding.”