Being a Lollypop Farm Pet Assisted Therapy (PAT) volunteer is not only fun, rewarding, and good for the community, but it also allows you to spend quality time with your pet while sharing him or her with others.

It’s also a perfect opportunity to showcase and celebrate the human-animal bond at its finest. Many of the people we visit have had to give up their pets due to age or illness and it is truly amazing to see how grateful they are to reconnect with an animal.

As a PAT volunteer you and your registered therapy animal would team up to visit different facilities and outreach venues, such as community events and Lollypop Farm events. We ask that you commit to making two, one-hour visits per month, but many volunteers commit to more.

We email a calendar about two weeks before the beginning of the new month and volunteers choose the visits they’d like to attend. Most volunteers choose visits near where they live and drive themselves, but there is also the option of coming to Lollypop Farm about 30 minutes before the visit to ride in the PAT vehicle. (Except for evening and weekend visits, when the PAT vehicle is not used.) During the visit, you and your pet would provide one-on-one attention to residents and guests who enjoy animal companionship.


    1. For dog therapy teams, your dog must have successfully passed their Canine Good Citizen test. If your dog has not passed and you would like to schedule a test, please contact our behavior department at (585) 223-1330 x153. If you would like to enroll in Lollypop Farm’s Canine Good Citizen training class, please register at
    2. For all pet therapy teams, if you have not registered with a nationally recognized therapy organization, you must enroll in Lollypop Farm’s Pet Assisted Therapy training at The therapy programs accepted are Pet Partners, Alliance of Therapy Dogs, or Therapy Dogs International.
    3. Start visiting! We will make sure your first visits are with seasoned volunteers so you can get the feel of how the visits go with an expert.