If you are a representative from an agency that would like to schedule a Pet Assisted Therapy visit, please contact Esca M. Stumpf, Community Outreach Manager, at (585) 223-1330 x 139 or email. Lollypop Farm charges a $50 fee for each one-hour visit and an invoice will be provided.


  • Volunteer Therapy teams who have been through several levels of training. The dogs are AKC Canine Good Citizens and registered therapy pets through Lollypop Farm’s Pet Assisted Therapy Training or one of three nationally recognized therapy organizations. All of the animals have been evaluated to ensure their suitability for our program. The handlers have also gone through classroom training to prepare to work with your clients.
  • A one-hour visit with volunteers who are excited about sharing the joy and benefits of animal companionship. Their registered therapy animals will be available to be held, petted, or just for quiet companionship.
  • Depending on volunteer availability, we aim to have at least three therapy teams per visit. These teams include a handler and their registered therapy dog, rabbit, guinea pig, rat, or ferret.
  • A call if there are any changes to your visit.


  • There must be a staff member from your facility present for the duration of the visit. Our visits are most successful when we can rely on your staff member’s expertise about the facility and knowledge of the clients.
  • When setting up for visits, please make sure that there is enough space between clients, wheelchairs, and walkers for the dogs and volunteers to comfortably visit each person. Also, extra chairs are helpful so that dogs can sit next to people while visiting.
  • Please make every effort to be sure that there is no food on the floor, as it is very distracting for the dogs.