A Message about Seresto Collars from Lollypop Farm Medical Director

Categories: Pet Care & Training, Pet Welfare, Resources for Pet Owners

An article was published recently in USA Today and other media sources questioning the safety of Seresto collars, a popular flea and tick treatment for many pets in North America. As a result, many owners are questioning whether to use this product for their pets. At this time The US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) continues …

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After harrowing attack and surgery, Shaggy goes home

Categories: Pet Welfare
When Shaggy, a 6-year-old terrier mix was admitted to Lollypop Farm in mid-December, his hopes for survival seemed bleak. The small dog had been viciously attacked by three larger dogs, and suffered multiple puncture wounds and a terrible gash to his side. His left eye was also seriously damaged in the attack. Unsure of what …

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