Site Credits

Vice President for Development and Community Affairs: Adrienne McHargue
Director of Communications: Ashley Zeh
Communications Coordinator: Paige Doerner
Digital Media Specialist: Heather Deal

Our sincere gratitude goes out to the many staff and volunteers at Lollypop Farm who have contributed to this website. Many years of experience and industry expertise are represented in the information published for your benefit.

We are grateful for the generous and talented videographers and photographers who have donated their time to represent our organization in the best way possible and the animals we care for as the wonderful and beautiful beings they are. Video and images from the following appear throughout our website:

Video Hound Productions and The Animal Portrait

Cialone Photography

Blue Sock Photography

Luminaria Photography

Andrew Bloom

Anne Marie DiMarsico

Adrienne McHargue

Rick Murtha

Kate Antoniades

Cynthia Welch