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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Kindness for All Kind

Join us as we build the future of Lollypop Farm and work to achieve our ultimate goal: Kindness for All Kind. This transformational campaign promises the creation of a nurturing environment that provides a safe haven for animals in need, compassion for those in search of help, and unwavering support for the community and caregivers who make second chances possible every day.

This is Kindness for All Kind: A project that will transform Lollypop Farm into one of the foremost community-based animal welfare and education centers in the country.


If you would like more information on the Kindness for All Kind Campaign, please contact Director of Development Amylark Lorwood at (585) 223-1330 or by email.



Lollypop Farm and the animals in our care need you now as much as ever. Our shelter is greatly strained, and we can only rise to the challenge by working together. As we extend our reach to help more people and pets in our community, we must expand our building to meet the infinite promise of Kindness for All Kind. Beginning with four main areas of development, we will revolutionize the environment of care at Lollypop Farm.


New Ways to Experience Shelter Life

Lollypop Farm is not only a haven for pets in need but a safe place for people to exchange ideas and learn how they can be a catalyst for change in the community. It is a place where children are introduced to the world of animal welfare, and adults can come to make a difference. Here, guests of all backgrounds are welcome and best in care services are provided to help keep pets in homes during challenging times. We will provide a superior environment for the people and pets in our community and the people who dedicate their lives to helping them.

  • Classrooms and guest spaces to inspire the next generation of animal lovers
  • Offices and meeting rooms to educate and support people dedicated to life-saving care
  • Guest centers to welcome our community and engage all with our mission

Infrastructure Improvements

As Lollypop Farm’s capacity to care for animals in our community grows, our need to house vital resources grows. We need to be able to safely maintain an inventory of food to not only care for the pets in our shelter but to provide for families who have fallen on hard times. These places will house supplies needed to care for and enrich the lives of animals both small and large. The Pet Aid Warehouse and Storage Building will be expansive enough to meet the ever-changing needs of animal welfare is crucial for us to deliver our best care.

  • Multi-story structure to provide for the extensive needs of the shelter
  • Address space deficiencies as life-saving care reaches new heights
  • An easily accessible donation center that makes the most of the generosity of our community
  • Storage that meets the needs of the shelter and community pets who need us most

Farmyard Renovations


The relationship between people and animals traditionally found on farms has drastically changed over the last 150 years. People today have more understanding of their intellect and capacity for connection with us as well as each other.

As our community evolves to understand these animals better, Lollypop Farm must stand at the forefront of change for these farmyard friends by:

  • Expanding pasture space and improving animal habitats
  • Sizing and designing pastures for species-specific needs
  • Promoting empathy for farm yard animals through improvements to guest experiences
  • Providing isolation spaces for incoming animals to ensure safety for animals in Lollypop Farm’s care

Facility Renovations that Modernize Care

Many Lollypop Farm animals meet kindness for the first time when they come to the shelter. They are also met with unfamiliar sounds, new smells, and unknown experiences. Lollypop Farm is nationally recognized for best-in-industry care and will continue to improve its facilities to create an environment that fosters health and compassion for the pets of our community and people who dedicate their lives to them.

  • Improvements to dog kennels and cat holding that diminish stress and promote healing
  • Dedicated quarantine and isolation spaces for all species
  • Clinic improvements that enhance and streamline veterinary services
  • Create break spaces for staff to decompress and recover from the effects of compassion fatigue
  • Update technology to support present demands and provide agility in the future

A Letter from Our Committee Chairs

Dear Animal Enthusiasts,

It is with great pride that we serve as the Co-Chairs for the “Kindness for All Kind” campaign at Lollypop Farm. This phase of our capital fundraising initiative will address the needs of the ever-changing landscape in animal welfare. Investing in the main campus footprint will ensure the proper environment to provide the best care for all animals.

Our involvement with Lollypop Farm began with the love we have for the animals in our lives and has grown into so much more. Lollypop Farm focuses on bettering the lives of all animals through justice, prevention, and life-saving care. They do this by giving homeless pets the greatest chance at adoption by finding a new home; keeping pets with their families whenever possible; and through emergency veterinary care, food, supplies, behavior modification, or crisis intervention.

Overall, admissions to the shelter have decreased; however, the severity of cases has escalated greatly. This leads to increased staffing needs both in number and expertise. As a result, the role the facilities play in providing services is changing. The need to reallocate space to provide larger quarantine areas, more veterinary services, additional behavior training, and extra healing space is necessary.

There are over one hundred deeply committed staff members and 800 volunteers nurturing approximately 10,000 animals each year. They are the ones who make it possible to provide the programs and services needed to address the issues contributing to the surrender of unwanted animals.

For 150 years, Lollypop Farm has been providing kindness for all kind in the Rochester area. We are personally investing our time and treasure to ensure this vision becomes a reality. With your generous support of our campaign, you will help shape the next 150 years of animal welfare in our region. We invite you to learn more about our plans and how you personally can have an impact.

Ed Shill and Molly Branch Shill
Campaign Co-Chairs

Make a Multi-Year Gift

Want to show your support throughout this multi-year project? Our teams are happy to work with you to create a plan to pay your transformational pledge over multiple years. Contact Director of Development Amylark Lorwood at (585) 223-1330 or by email for more information.

A Foundation for Education

We want to thank George and Kathy Karpus and the Karpus Family Foundation for their lead gift, which will help build our new Karpus Family Foundation Learning Center at Lollypop Farm. The Center will feature classrooms, educational exhibits, and an inviting learning, advocacy, and growth atmosphere. Education is the best way to prevent animal cruelty; therefore, this Center will be a haven for fostering empathy, compassion, and the humane treatment of animals and each other in our community.

Executive Campaign Committee

Ed Shill & Molly Branch Shill – Campaign Co-Chairs
Jim Spitz – Board Chair
Wanda Polisseni – Honorary Chair
Alice Calabrese – President & CEO
Cathie Wright – Vice President of Donor Relations

Cabinet Members

Mollie Angeline
John Baynes
Dana Consler
Jesse Cramer
Robert and Barb Duffy
Grant Holcomb
Frank Insero
Andy Meloni
Susan Wylie
Cindy Yancey





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