Re-Homing Courtesy Listing

Life can take surprising and difficult turns for all of us. Loss of a job, having to move, allergies, divorce, and even death sometimes result in a wonderful pet needing a new home. For those families or individuals with no other options than to re-home a pet, Lollypop Farm is here to help by offering this courtesy listing of animals seeking new families. It’s just one of the many resources we offer in our efforts to keep pets out of the shelter environment.

Available Pets

The pets featured below are not animals at Lollypop Farm and require direct communication with their current owner. This listing is a courtesy for those seeking to re-home and animal lovers looking to find a new pet. Lollypop Farm is not responsible for any health conditions or behavior issues the animal may have.


Submit Your Pet Listing:

To submit your pet to our free re-homing courtesy listing, please click the “Sign Up” button below.

Please note this service is for free pet listings only. Do not submit your pet if you plan on charging a re-homing fee.