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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Law Enforcement Programs

The Humane Law Enforcement team at Lollypop Farm is proud to work with community partners in various projects throughout the greater Rochester area.



These programs not only provide resources to end violence in our community, but bring neighborhoods together and help provide vital services to community members.

  • Monroe County Law Enforcement Council
  • ROCTAC (Rochester Threat Advisory Committee)
  • Project TIPS (Trust, Information, Programs, and Services) – Project T.I.P.S. stands for Trust, Information, Programs & Services and includes community agencies and law enforcement personnel working in selected neighborhoods to rebuild trust amongst residents and share information. Since its inception, Project T.I.P.S. has quickly evolved into a community-wide effort with support and participation from numerous law enforcement and community agencies.
  • Project Exile – Project Exile is a collaborative effort between law enforcement and local agencies to make the Rochester community a safer place to raise a family by helping to remove illegal guns from our community streets.



The Humane Law Enforcement team at Lollypop Farm strives to provide education to community members and pet owners alike in an effort to end violence to animals and people.

Sign the Pledge to Report Animal Cruelty



Far too often, abused pets suffer in silence. Use your voice for pets in need. Take the pledge to report animal abuse and neglect when you see it by calling Lollypop Farm Humane Law Enforcement or 9-1-1.

Animal Crimes Intervention Program (ACIP)



“The Link” refers to the connection between violent behaviors including domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse, and other types of violence. The link has been researched and those within animal and human welfare have begun working to prevent violent crimes before they happen, through better reporting and stricter laws. ACIP works to help individuals with a history crimes against animals learn the skills necessary to prevent further violent behavior.

Too Hot for Spot



Hot summer temperatures can be dangerous for your pets, especially if left in a parked car. On a warm day, the temperature inside your car can reach 120° F in just a few minutes—even with the windows partially open. Sign the Too Hot for Spot Pledge to keep your pet safe, and learn how you can take action to save other pets locked in hot cars.

Winter Weather Safety



The Rochester weather can be frightful, especially for our four-legged friends. With temperatures dropping and snow falling, the winter season is not without its challenges. From chapped paws to dangerously low temperatures, our pets need our help to keep them safe and comfortable in the upcoming months. Learn how to keep pets warm in the winter and what to do if you see a pet stuck outside in the cold.