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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Types of Foster Opportunities

By fostering an animal, you are providing rehabilitation in a nurturing home environment, directly preparing them for adoption into a loving home.

PLEASE NOTE: You can make the greatest impact by fostering dogs and cats on veterinary and behavior plans, large breed dogs, and neonatal kittens who require round-the-clock bottle feeding. These are the pets greatest in need of generous people like you before they are ready to find new homes.


In 2022, foster care helped 1,848 pets rest, recover, and get ready for their next home!



Foster care plays a critical role in the number of lives Lollypop Farm is able save every year. By fostering you not only provide a less stressful place of animals to rest and recover, but you help make space in the shelter for animals in need of help. There are many kinds of foster care including:

  • Medical
  • Behavioral
  • “Bottle Babies” (Neonatal)
  • Adult Dogs and Cats
  • Humane Law Enforcement & Community Help
  • C.A.R.E. (Compassionate Aid for Retired Equine)
  • Foster for Life (Hospice Foster)




“I foster because it works for my lifestyle. I love animals but can’t care for a full time pet due to my schedule—and want to help. This is an easy way to love them, care for them, do something good for the community and send on to happy healthy homes.”


“Please consider fostering a pet if you can. There are so many to love and the rewards are much greater than one would imagine.”


“It is so rewarding. From caring for neonates and bottle feeding, momma cats and their babies, and feral kittens that need socializing, it’s always a different experience. The best is when they are healthy and ready for adoption. It can tug at your heartstrings, but I’m always ready to make room for another kitten crew. The foster team and clinic staff are always supportive and ready to answer questions.”


“Lollypop Farm was amazing with their support. The Veterinary clinic would respond to my calls quickly and provide amazing care for the mama cat and her kittens when needed. The foster coordinators answered all of my questions promptly and supplied me with everything needed.”


“I have enjoyed having a few “web adoptions”. This way, the animal can stay in a home until the perfect home comes along. Fostering is great knowing it’s helping out innocent animals in need.”


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