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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Animal Emergency Response Team (A.E.R.T.)

The Animal Emergency Response Team takes the Lollypop Farm mission for animals to the very doorsteps of where help is needed most. Working alongside emergency response teams, these professionals are specially trained to respond in emergencies like household fires, environmental and weather related emergencies, and more. Members of the team come from a wide variety of departments at the shelter including shelter staff, humane law enforcement, farm and equine, and communications. 



What role does the Animal Emergency Response Team play in our community?

The Animal Emergency Response Team plays a vital role in the community by helping in the large scale and safe removal of animals in urgent situations such as fires, animal hoarding, weather related emergencies, and more.

What type of training do members of the Animal Emergency Reponse Team receive?

Members of the Animal Emergency Response Team go through extensive training through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). This training alongside their expertise in animal care make them a powerful ally to emergency responders when animals are involved at a location. 

How is the Animal Emergency Response Team dispatched?

The team is dispatched based on requests from local and state government, law enforcement, fire bureau, and other animal welfare professionals. When a call is received the Animal Emergency Response Team works together to determine the best course of action to help on a case by case basis. 

What type of emergencies is the team dispatched to help?

The Animal Emergency Reponse Team is dispatched with the primary goal of removing animals from crisis or hazardous conditions created by natural disasters, animal abuse, hoarding or neglect, among others. With specialized training the team ensures that all operations are conducted in a safe and humane manner. 

Every dollar makes a difference.

With your donation, you can help support the Animal Emergency Response Team and pets in critical situations. Without government funding, the work of this team is supported almost entirely by community donations. Make a life-saving difference today.

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