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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Lollypop Farm Professionals

The Lollypop Farm Professionals began as a “Young Professionals” group but quickly evolved into a “Professionals” group. Many working adults found it difficult to volunteer at the shelter while developing their careers. They needed a different way to connect to Lollypop Farm’s mission. The Lollypop Farm Professionals strive to give working adults an opportunity to help animals in need and build relationships with other animal lovers while working in a full-time profession. 

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The Three Pillars of The Lollypop Farm Professionals:

  • Animals
  • Fundraising
  • Social and Networking Opportunities



The Lollypop Farm Professionals are united by their love for animals. Our purpose is to promote and support the mission of Lollypop Farm. We strive to improve the lives of pets in the shelter and beyond by finding fun and interactive ways to volunteer our time, fundraise, and network in our community.

Fundraising Events

  • Hair of the Dog Pub Crawl

    Typically held on a Saturday in May, The Pub Crawl is our largest fundraiser. There is an entry fee for each participant, complete with a free t-shirt, and raffles throughout the event. Raffle tickets are sold on the premises the day of the event. Generally, we have about 130 participants, all ready to buy drinks and have a great time!

  • The Wild Goose Chase

    Participants go on a scavenger hunt through the Neighborhood of the Arts. It is typically held on a Saturday in the fall. There is an entry fee for a team of up to 5 members. The first team who solves the most clues correctly and returns to home base the fastest wins prizes.

Other Events

  • Social Get-togethers

  • Dog walks

  • Volleyball Tournament

We are currently looking for new ways to help Lollypop Farm and grow our group. If you have a passion for animals and love to have fun, we invite you to join us!

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