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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Gonsenhauser Family Fund Invests in the Farm Animal Rescue Program at Lollypop Farm

$5,000 grant will help farm animals through rescue, veterinary care, and adoptions at Lollypop Farm

Fairport, NY (March 22, 2022) Lollypop Farm announced today that a $5,000 grant investment from the Gosenhauser Family Fund at Rochester Area Community Foundation will support farm animal care and adoptions.

The Farm Animal Rescue Program provides shelter, veterinary care, and adoptions services for unwanted farm animals that are surrendered or seized by animal cruelty investigators. Lollypop Farm is one of only a handful of shelters in the US that offers a home to unwanted farm animals on-site.

“The amount of animals in our care can vary but we try to provide each animal with the utmost care and consideration while they are with us,” states Joanna Dychton Farm Director at Lollypop Farm. “Being able to call on a veterinarian to have tests, bloodwork, or a special surgery is essential in getting some of the animals to a point in which they can be rehomed. The amount of money it takes to provide the animals with a good quality of life and veterinary care can add up very quickly. We try to manage our intake to the best of our ability, but emergency situations come up where animals have to be immediately removed from their current situation. In those cruelty situations, the ability to provide vet care that usually includes diagnostic tests is key to helping those animals thrive. Without the support of our community and grants, we would not be able to assist as many animals as we do.”

In 2021 the Farm Animal Rescue Program took in over 200 farm animals, and found homes for over 80% of them. The cost of care from local farm veterinarians, housing, and food for larger farm animals can be very high, but with the help of this grant Lollypop can continue to provide for farm animals within the greater Rochester area.

For more information about Lollypop Farm’s farm animals visit


About Lollypop Farm, Humane Society of Greater Rochester: Established in 1873, Lollypop Farm is the largest animal welfare organization helping pets and people in the Greater Rochester area. Lollypop Farm is committed to creating a just and compassionate world for all animals. Together with our community, we better the lives of animals through justice, prevention, and life-saving care. With a main campus located in Fairport and three other adoption centers throughout the community, the organization provides shelter, care, and adoption for dogs, cats, small animals, birds, reptiles, horses, and other farm animals. Lollypop Farm is an independent nonprofit organization supported through donations and program fees. For more information and to meet current animals available for adoption, please visit