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Lollypop Farm Announces New Vision and Mission Statements

Lollypop Farm Announces New Vision and Mission Statements

New mission emphasizes working with the community to extend life-saving care

Fairport, N.Y. – Lollypop Farm announced the release of new vision and mission statements. Reflecting the evolving nature of the 147-year-old organization, the statements emphasize working together with the community to extend life-saving efforts and creating a more humane community.

Vision: A just and compassionate world for all animals

Mission: Together with our community, we better the lives of animals through justice, prevention, and life-saving care

“Since 1873, when our organization was originally called The Humane Society of Rochester and Monroe County, we have been dedicated to fighting cruelty and helping animals in our community. Over the past few decades our services have changed to reflect the needs of our pet-loving community,” explains President & CEO Alice Calabrese. “We are a multi-faceted organization that investigates animal cruelty offenses and provides resources to pet owners in crisis. However, we can make the most difference for animals in need when we partner with individuals and organizations to bring about change. Our new statements reaffirm our commitment to saving lives together.”

Lollypop Farm offers many services for families experiencing difficulties with their pets from training classes, to a pet food pantry, to low-cost spay or neuter services. Calabrese adds, “We’ve been focusing on ways to keep pets in their homes, and have found creative ways to keep pets with the families who love them. We urge pet owners to reach out for advice or assistance before there is an urgent crisis. And we will always be here for homeless pets and to fight animal crimes.”

To emphasize their partnership with the community, Lollypop Farm is inviting people to join the organization in a 21-day challenge for pet lovers in the community called Paws for Pets, starting on August 10th. Participants can sign up to receive daily text or email reminders to “paws” and reflect on how they can contribute to a compassionate world for all animals.

Learn more about the Paws for Pets Challenge at: