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Please Read: Appointments are now only required for Saturdays and Sundays at our main Fairport shelter location. A set number of appointments for the coming weekend will become available each Wednesday morning and be made on a first-come, first-serve basis. Walk-ins will be accommodated Monday – Friday and at our satellite adoption locations.

Make a Weekend Appointment

Thank you for your interest in adopting a pet with Lollypop Farm! Lollypop Farm places thousands of animals in new, loving homes every year, and the pets you see here are waiting for their own happy endings. Listings are updated in real-time as animals become available or find new homes. Not only will you enjoy and benefit from adding a pet to your home, you are giving a deserving friend a second chance. You’ll make a new friend for life — and save a life.


How to Adopt

At Lollypop Farm, we’ll help you find an animal companion who’s just what you’re looking for. You’ll have a conversation with one of our expert adoption counselors about your preferences, your lifestyle, and your household so that we may guide you in choosing your new pet. Before you get started, be sure you can answer “yes” to these questions:

  • Are you at least 18 years old?
  • Do you have a valid photo ID? (Please bring it with you.)
  • Do you live in a place where pets are welcome? (If you rent your home, find out about any pet deposits or monthly fees.)
  • Are you willing and able to care for an animal for his or her whole life, investing time and money in things like feeding, grooming, training, and exercising your pet; purchasing supplies; and providing regular veterinary care?

Before you begin the adoption process, first think about what you want in a pet and whether you are ready to bring one into your life. Gather the food and proper supplies and be aware that some cities, towns, and villages enforce limits on the number of pets in one household.

Please allow enough time to visit the shelter to find your new companion, as the adoption process may take an hour or more to enable our adoption counselors to help you find the perfect match. Your patience is bound to be rewarded with years of enjoyment with your new friend.

The Adoption Process:

Step 1.
Browse the pets for adoption or visit one of our adoption centers. (Please bring photo ID.) We recommend that the whole family come to the shelter to meet a pet you are considering. If you’re adopting a dog and have a dog living in your home, you may need to bring your dog in for a meet and greet. Note: Please arrive 30 minutes before closing time if you are interested in adopting a pet.

Step 2.
Visit the adoption counter to let an adoption counselor know you would like to meet pets for adoption. They will gather a little information and get you in line.

To adopt a Farm Yard Friend, view the adoption process and fees.

Step 3.
Feel free to let your adoption counselor know if you are here to meet a specific pet.

You are also invited to walk through the adoption center to select pets you would like to meet — up to three pets in one visit. Or you can wait to meet with the adoption counselor for them to suggest pets who might be a good match.

Step 4.
Talk to your adoption counselor about what you are looking for in a pet and to learn about the pets who interest you. You are welcome to spend time with the pet(s) you’re considering, and our counselors are eager to answer any questions you may have about their personality and needs!

Step 5.
Once you’ve determined who the lucky pet will be, you’ll pay an adoption fee — and in most cases you can bring home your new family member right away! Before you leave, we invite you pick up supplies at The Lollypop Shop at the main campus in Fairport or while you are adopting from Pet Supplies Plus locations. Your purchases will directly support those pets still waiting for their chance at adoption!


Post Adoption:

Let’s keep in touch! If you have any questions about your pet’s behavior, please contact our free behavior helpline, Pet Peeves. You can also take advantage of our online behavior resources. We welcome you to share your Happy Tail, visit the Lollypop Shop, attend one of our annual events, or make a difference in the lives of animals still waiting for new homes by volunteering or making a donation.

What’s Included in Adoptions

When it’s time to bring home your new friend from Lollypop Farm, you’ll be surprised how far your adoption fee goes! The fee you’ll pay to adopt a pet includes these important benefits:

  • A physical examination and behavioral evaluation by our veterinary and behavior staff
  • Spay/neuter surgery
  • Vaccinations to keep your pet healthy, including a rabies vaccination for animals older than 3 months
  • Deworming medication
  • A heartworm test for dogs
  • Flea treatment
  • A microchip implant and registration
  • A follow-up health exam with a participating veterinarian (View the list of Participating Veterinarians)
  • Post-adoption behavior and training advice

If you are adopting an animal other than a dog or cat, such as a small animal animal, please contact us to learn more about what’s included with your adoption. For information on adopting farm animals, visit our Adopt a Farm Friend page.

Please note: We encourage those adopting cats and small animals to bring a carrier with you to take your new friend home. If you do not have a carrier, you may purchase a cardboard carrier for $5 at the time of your adoption.

Adoption Fees

Lollypop Farm is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, private organization that receives no government funding and is not associated with any national humane organization. The process of preparing homeless pets for adoption involves many staff and volunteers, plus a lot of time and resources. We provide healthy food, safe shelter, lifesaving medical care, behavioral training, exercise and enrichment, and in some cases, foster care.

When you adopt from Lollypop Farm and pay an adoption fee (which reflects only a portion of our investment in your new pet), you help us continue to care for the homeless animals in our community and make sure they are safe, protected, and loved. Learn more about our special adoption programs, which may include reduced fees.

The following fees apply to animal adoptions, which include many benefits.

6 years and over: $125
7 months to 5 years: $200
6 months and under: $400
Meet Dogs For Adoption
6 years and over: $75
7 months to 5 years: $100
6 months and under: $200
Meet Cats for Adoption
Small Animals and Birds
Rabbits: $40
Guinea Pigs: $20
Chinchillas, Ferrets: $100
Other small pets: vary
Turtles: $20
Tortoises: $50
Leopard Geckos: $20
Bearded Dragons: $40
Iguanas: $50
Corn Snakes: $20
Ball Pythons: $25
Other Reptiles: fees vary
Parakeets: $20
Common Finches (Zebra & Society Finches): $10
Exotic Finches: $20
Cockatiels: $60
Doves, Pigeons: $10
To inquire about adoption fees for other birds, please speak with an adoption counselor.

Meet Rabbits for Adoption

Meet Small & Furry Pets for Adoption

Meet Reptiles for Adoption

Meet Birds for Adoption

For information on adopting horses and farm animals, visit our Adopt a Horse page or the Adopt a Farm Yard Friend page.


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