Spirit Cats

Lollypop Farm Spirit Cats are like little ninjas in the night. You catch a glimpse of them and then quickly they dart out of view. Why are they like this? We don’t always know what a cat’s life was like before they were brought to the shelter. They may have had difficult or limited experiences with people. Whatever the reason, some cats are fearful and in need of a special family. Spirit Cats are likely to spend their time hiding and might not like a lot of attention. You may only hear the pitter-patter of their feet for days at a time. Visitors may never even see these stealth felines. But one day, when you’ve earned their trust, a spirit cat might rest on the couch next to you. Spirit Cats can also make great friends for other cats in your home. There are no guarantees. But one thing is certain, these special cats need someone like you to love them, even if it’s at a distance.

Give a Spirit Cat a home today.