Animal Admissions




Before you decide to give up your pet, please make sure you are aware of all the possible solutions to the problems you may be experiencing:

For behavioral issues, please contact our free Pet Peeves Behavior Helpline at 585-295-2999 or check our helpful behavior tips.

If your landlord doesn’t allow pets, please check our Pets Are Welcome list of housing that accepts pets.

If you cannot afford to spay or neuter your pet(s), please consider our Spay Neuter Incentive Program (SNIP). We can assist you with the cost of surgery.

If you or a family member is pregnant, read our information on Preparing Your Pet for Baby’s Arrival (PDF).

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If you decide to give up your pet and find a home for him yourself, please read the following tips:

Talk to friends, family members, coworkers, neighbors, and your veterinarian, as they may know someone who might be interested in taking your pet.

Submit your pet to our free re-homing courtesy listing or place an ad in your local paper or on These tips can help you ensure the safety of your pet.

Visit Bugsy’s Animal Network to find area organizations that may be able to take your pet.

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If your pet is suffering from health- or age-related issues, we recommend you make an appointment with your veterinarian so that you may choose to be present at the time of euthanasia. However, because we realize the cost can be an obstacle for many pet owners, Lollypop Farm provides affordable, caring, compassionate euthanasia services performed by trained technicians. Cremation services are also offered. Learn more about this service.

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Before you decide to give up your pet, please review our alternatives to surrendering your pet above.  If, despite your best efforts, it is still necessary to give up your pet, we are here to help. Lollypop Farm is an open-admission animal shelter and schedules admissions by appointment.

  • We accept all dogs, cats, rabbits and other small pets, reptiles and amphibians, and birds.
  • Horses are accepted by appointment only (contact our Equine Manager by email).
  • Farm animals are accepted by appointment only (contact our Farm Manager by email).
  • We do not accept injured or abandoned wildlife. Please contact East Ridge Animal Hospital or other wildlife rehabilitators in the area for wildlife.

Animals surrendered to Lollypop Farm are evaluated for adoptability based on health and temperament. If the animal meets our criteria for adoption or we are able to treat health issues or address behavior concerns, the animal will be placed for adoption and there is no time limit. If an animal does not meet our criteria for adoption or transfer to another animal welfare group, they may be humanely euthanized. Although we cannot predict their future when you relinquish ownership, you may rest assured that your pet will be treated with kindness, dignity, and compassion.

PLEASE BE CERTAIN THAT YOUR DECISION TO SURRENDER YOUR PET IS YOUR FINAL DECISION. By surrendering an animal to Lollypop Farm, you are relinquishing all rights of ownership. If you have any doubts about surrendering your pet(s) to us, please DO NOT do so.

Admissions Process:
  1. To surrender an animal, please call (585) 223-1330 x275 to make an appointment. An Admissions Counselor will gather some information about your pet before confirming your appointment.
  • If you reach the voicemail, please leave the following information: your name, phone number; your pet’s name, breed, age and relevant medical or behavioral information; the general reason for surrendering your pet. An Admissions Counselor will return your call to discuss available options and schedule an appointment as needed. Please note: Due to high call volumes, your call will be returned as soon as possible in the order received. Thank you for your patience.
  • While we request that you schedule an appointment, Lollypop Farm is an open-admission shelter, and we will never turn an animal away.
  1. Please bring your pet’s veterinary records, medication, and any other information about him. Cats are especially stressed when placed in new situations, so if possible, please bring a familiar bed or blanket. All dogs must be leashed, and all cats must be in carriers. We prefer that puppies and kittens be at least 8 weeks old at the time of surrender.
  1. Please fill out a pet profile sheet for your dog, cat, rabbit, bird, small pet or reptile in as much detail as possible and bring it to the shelter with your pet. This information will be very helpful to us. If you do not bring the form with you, you will be asked to fill it out at the shelter.
  1. Follow the signs for “Incoming Animals” to the left and back of the building to find the Admissions Department at the Fairport shelter.
  1. You will be asked to sign our Surrender Agreement, present identification, and answer important questions about your pet’s behavior and the reason you are relinquishing him. There is no fee to surrender; however, we do request a donation of at least $40 per pet to help us with the high costs of care. Additional fees may apply.

NOTE: Leaving your pet at Lollypop Farm without having a staff person admit him to the shelter is considered abandonment. In New York State, this is a misdemeanor with a potential penalty of up to one year in jail and/or a fine of $1,000.

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