Farm Yard Friend Adoption Process and Fees

Due to the specialized care and housing that farm animals require, the adoption process is slightly different than adding a dog or cat to your family. Just as with smaller animals, though, we ask that adopters of farm animals be at least 21 years old, bring a photo ID, and be prepared to care for their new friends for their whole lives.

Meet Farm Yard Friends for Adoption

Step 1.
Please fill out an adoption application, by clicking one of the buttons below, to help us find you a compatible animal along with a letter of recommendation from someone familiar with your farm animal or equine experience and a signed Release for Veterinary Information form.  You can either scan and email the completed application to our farm manager or mail it to Farm Manager, Lollypop Farm, 99 Victor Rd., Fairport, NY 14450.

Application for Other Farm Yard Friends

Step 2.
When your application is approved, we will try to find an animal who matches or is close to what you’re looking for. When we find a potential match, we’ll schedule a time to meet and spend time with the animal at Lollypop Farm. If you are located too far away to come in for an appointment, you can discuss options with the Farm Manager.

Step 3.
A Lollypop Farm staff member (or, if you are located outside the area, a member of your local humane society/ SPCA) will visit the animal’s future home for a quick check of the property to ensure that it is appropriate. Please note: Species that thrive in social groups must be placed in living situations with at least one companion of their own kind (with rare exception)..

Step 4.
Once your adoption is approved, you’ll pay an adoption fee and sign an adoption contract in which you agree to the following:

  • You will provide the animal with food, water, shelter, and kind treatment.
  • You will have the animal vaccinated and examined by a veterinarian annually.
  • You will not allow the animal to be used for experimentation or vivisection.
  • You will not sell or abandon the animal. If you can no longer care for the animal, you will return the animal to Lollypop Farm.
  • You will not allow the animal to get loose and create a public nuisance.
  • Female animals who cannot be spayed WILL NOT be used for breeding. (All males will be neutered before leaving Lollypop Farm.)

This contract is essential to our adoption process and it is important that you adhere to it — if not, the animals may be seized.

If you can’t transport the animal yourself, we are happy to transport your new friend to your home or boarding location for a small donation, according to distance traveled.

Farm Yard Friend Adoption Fees

Lollypop Farm is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, private organization that receives no government funding and is not associated with any national humane organization. The process of preparing homeless animals for adoption involves many staff and volunteers, plus a lot of time and resources. We provide healthy food, safe shelter, lifesaving medical care, training, and exercise.

When you adopt from Lollypop Farm and pay an adoption fee (which reflects only a portion of our investment in a particular animal), you help us continue to care for the homeless animals in our community.

Fees given below are minimum fees and may vary. The Farm Manager can confirm the adoption fees for the animals your are interested in.

Each equine has a negative Coggins, is fully vaccinated and dewormed, and has had regular farrier appointments every 6-8 weeks. (You will receive copies of veterinary records.)

Rideable Equine: $400 to $1,000
Equine, Companion Plus: $300
Equine, Companion Only: $200
Other Farm Animals:
All farm animals are up-to-date on vaccinations, hoof care, and deworming.

Pot Belly Pigs: $65
Goats and Sheep: $65
Geese: $20
Turkeys and Peafowl: $30
Swans: $30
Ducks: $15
Chickens: $10

Meet Farm Yard Friends for Adoption