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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Lollypop Farm Shelter Statistics

At Lollypop Farm, we believe in treating every animal as an individual. Medical and behavioral plans are personalized by staff to help each pet have their best chance to find a new home. We believe that our shelter statistics are just a reflection of the high-quality care and above-and-beyond services provided to the pets at our shelter. The data tells a story of staff, volunteers, and community support working towards a just and compassionate world for all animals.

Shelter Animals Count


The dashboard below was created by an independent 501(c)(3) organization called Shelter Animals Count. Shelter Animals Count broadly collaborates with the animal welfare community to create and share the national database of shelter animal statistics to help shelters improve animal welfare throughout the country. The dashboard provides a visual representation of the animals coming to and leaving Lollypop Farm. You can see what species we take in, how they are brought to the shelter, and the outcomes. You can even filter the data by year and species using the drop-down menu in the upper righthand corner if you are interested in exploring select groups of animals or how our shelter has changed over the years. Shelter Animals Count also has industry dashboards on their website so you can see how our data compares to year-over-year industry trends.