Pet Care & Training

Here at Lollypop Farm, we are committed to establishing strong bonds between pets and their family. Our Behavior & Training and Shelter teams work with each individual pet from the moment they enter our care to learn about their strengths and needs.

While waiting for loving new homes, each pet is provided with the individualized enrichment, training, and love and attention they need.

  • Cats in the shelter are engaged in regular enrichment in the form of toys, catnip, clicker training, and even goodies like tuna!
  • Our robust enrichment regimen for dogs in the shelter includes daily walks, playgroup sessions, frozen Kong toys stuffed with treats, a different scent sprayed in the kennels every day of the week (coconut Thursday is the best!), and training.
  • For dogs with resource guarding, impulse control, or handling sensitivities, our behavior team works with each pet on behavior modification training to encourage safe and successful transitions to new homes.
  • Dogs who are shy or have sensitivities to objects or new environments receive training to help them become more confident and comfortable in their new homes.
  • Cats who are shy are given the time, space, and training that they need to help them come out of their shell and thrive in their new homes.

This personalized approach ensures pets remain happy and healthy while at Lollypop Farm and are ready to move on to new homes as soon as possible. During the adoption process, we discuss the pet’s personality and needs to set everyone up for success in the transition to a new home!

Pet Care & Behavior Tips
Get access to a library of free pet care and training advice! Plus, our free Pet Peeves Behavior Helpline is available to any pet owner experiencing behavioral troubles with your pet!

Pet Behavior & Training
Learn about resources on training classes and individualized training consultations for your pet!

Planning for Your Pets
Part of caring for your pet is developing a plan for the future should the unexpected happen. Learn more about getting started now.