In this time of social distancing, we could all use some extra joy, creativity and laughter. To support the homeless and abused pets of Lollypop Farm, the talented and not-as-talented “artists” of Lollypop Farm are ready to create a masterpiece just for you! 

Donate below or on Facebook and submit a picture of your pet. One of our staff, volunteers, professional local artists, or even one of our animals will draw your pet’s portrait! It could be really good or really not. But one thing we can promise you is it’ll make you smile and your gift will help continue care for pets in need. Professional artists include: Joy Kowba, Emily Osgood, Andrea Nadel, Suzi Zefting-Kuhn, Cris Metcalf, Gabriele Lodder, and Rosemary Pergolizzi.

Full credit for this idea goes to our amazing animal welfare colleagues at BARCS Animal Shelter and Wisconsin Humane Society.

Fetch A Sketch submissions are now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted a picture of their pet! Be sure to check out the full album below and on Facebook!