Pony Up!

A Campaign in Support of the Equine Program at Lollypop Farm


Our Equine Challenge

A better future for homeless horses is possible, but your help is needed! Over 30 horses come to Lollypop Farm each year, and they typically do not have the skills or training to be easily adopted. These horses can stay here for over eight months — some may even spend years waiting for the right adopter to find them.

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With your help, we will not only restore abandoned horses to health, but also be able to address behavioral issues resulting from lack of handling, training, and in some cases, abuse.

Join us in our efforts to enhance the Equine Program at Lollypop Farm. With your support, we’ll be able to:


Build a 100′ x 180′ indoor arena on the Lollypop Farm campus. The new facility will provide a dedicated and safe area for focused training, that has not been available to horses for adoption in the past.

View full arena rendering.

Add dedicated equine training and care staff. Each horse will now have focused handling and skills training needed to realize their potential and so they will be safe companions for their eventual adopters.
Continue the quality veterinary and daily care each horse deserves. To help as many horses as possible find new homes, ongoing veterinary care, farrier visits, hay and grain, and additional supplies are needed to provide the highest standard of care possible.

Your donation now will make the future brighter for homeless horses!

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