The following are brief descriptions of the volunteer jobs that are available. To volunteer, you must be at least 18 years of age and you must attend volunteer training. When you fill out our application form, please indicate your top three choices from the list below:


  • Cat care — clean and feed cats. Follow procedures for infection control. Thoroughness and attention to detail are required.
  • Dog Care — walk dogs and perform basic obedience training. Strenuous job, walking in all kinds of weather with lively dogs. Must be physically able to handle large dogs.
  • Farm — assist the farm staff in cleaning and feeding. Some experience with horses or large animals is recommended. You must be able to lift 50lbs.
  • Small Animal Care — clean, feed, and socialize rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, gerbils, etc. in the small-animal room.
  • Pet-Assisted Therapy — bring your own registered therapy animal to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, schools and group homes. Or, you can become a small animal handler where a small animal will be provided for you.
  • Transport — drive animals between Lollypop Farm and PetSmart Henrietta, and also drive animals to appearances on television news shows (“Pet of the week”).
  • Adoptions — help send animals to their permanent homes. Very rewarding, must have good people skills.

Offsite Adoption Assistant — assist with offsite adoption events.




  • Information Technology (IT) — We are always looking for tech-savvy volunteers to help with computer-related jobs. For more information, please contact our IT Manager, Alex Chernavsky, at alexc@lollypop.org or 585.223.1330 x132.
  • Gift Shop — operate the gift shop, help adopters with purchasing basic needs for the new family member. Some prior experience with retail is helpful but not necessary.
  • Meet & Greet — staff the main reception desk, answer phones, help people who walk up with questions. This job requires considerable knowledge of shelter operations, and also calls for patience, diplomacy, and good communication skills. Fast-paced and exciting job.
  • Clerical — help the front desk and office staff with adoption paperwork and membership records.
  • Data Entry — type information into computer databases. You should be comfortable working with computers to do this job.
  • Humane Education — run humane education programs which include tours, parties, classroom programs and a weekly storytime. Programs run on and off site.
  • Community Programs — travel to offsite events such as sports games, block parties, parades and festivals to educate the public about the different programs Lollypop Farms has to offer.