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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Stories from the Field

The Humane Law Enforcement officers at Lollypop Farm spend hours in the field each day responding to calls. They provide education, investigate reports of animal cruelty, and provide assistance to community members in need. The purpose of this page is to provide information on the activity of the Humane Law Enforcement team within Monroe, Orleans, Livingston, and Genessee counties each month. The information shown in this blotter are not representative of the full breadth of service provided, but is meant to showcase our team’s efforts to help animals in need. Please be aware that information such as names or addresses may be omitted if part of an active case.


During the first week of January, 23 new cases were opened.

In the month of December, 72 new cases were opened and our Humane Law Enforcement officers performed 188 inspections.

On January 9th, an individual was issued a ticket for improper shelter on Cottage Street.

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