Your Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty

Thank you for taking the pledge to help abused pets in our community. By lending your voice and reporting animal crimes, you will help bring abusers to justice and provide second chances to pets who are suffering. Working together we can save lives and create a future that is just and compassionate for all animals.

No one organization can tackle it all. It takes the whole community to stand up against animal abuse. Please take a moment to download this graphic and encourage friends and family to also take the pledge to help protect pets against abuse.

Fight Animal Cruelty Pledge Graphic

Looking for the right words to share your passion to protect pets? Here are just a few to help you craft your post:

Today I took the pledge to never let a pet suffer in silence. I will use my voice to report animal abuse when I see it and advocate for laws that protect pets. Please join me and Lollypop Farm’s Humane Law Enforcement Department in the fight to end animal cruelty. Take the pledge to protect pets today.

Thank you again for standing up with us in the fight against animal cruelty. Together I know we can make a difference.

Reno Di Domenico
Vice President for Humane Law Enforcement
(585) 223-1330 x234
Animal Cruelty Hotline: (585) 223-6500

P.S. Your support is critical to help bring abusers to justice and provide second chances. Make a donation to help humane law enforcement investigators protect abused pets in our community.