Lollypop Farm Pet Text Alerts

Pet Text Alerts sponsored by T-Mobile

Some pets have a more difficult time than others finding that perfect someone. Sometimes they are trying to find someone to help them overcome a behavior challenge. Sometimes they need a family willing to support their medical condition. No matter the case, they are all on the search for the person who will love them for the unique individual they truly are.

You can help these homeless pets get their second chance by signing up for Lollypop Farm Pet Text Alerts sponsored by T-Mobile today! About five times a month you’ll receive a text message with a pet’s picture and bio. Know someone looking for a new furry friend? Forward them the text directly. Or click one of the links in the text to share that pet’s information to all your friends and followers on social media! It’s that easy!

Every share makes a difference for a pet searching for the perfect home. Sign up for Pet Text Alerts today!