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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Lollypop Farm Events

Join us for events full of fun, and you’ll make
a difference for pets in need!

Fish and Wildlife Management Merit Badge

Lollypop Farm

Scouts will learn the purposes of fish and wildlife management and the practices used and problems faced by fish and wildlife professionals. Scouts will construct, erect, and regularly check 2 bird feeders. Scouts will observe and record at least 25 species of wildlife*. Scouts will determine the age of 5 species of fish from scale


Veterinary Medicine Merit Badge Workshop

Lollypop Farm

Scouts will learn the roles, responsibilities, and training required of veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians. Scouts will tour the Klingenstein Veterinary clinic and observe the clinic staff as they provide medical care to the animals at Lollypop Farm. Scouts will be awarded the veterinary medicine merit badge after completion of a report of their visit.