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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Classroom Programs

Lollypop Farm classroom programs feature interactive, educational presentations about specific subjects in animal welfare. Our education team can provide programs live and in-person, or virtually via ZOOM. Programs are tailored to the audience’s age level and interests and are available to all audiences – including, friends/families, schools, clubs, home school groups, and community organizations.

Most programs are 45-60 minutes unless otherwise specified. Offsite classroom programs require presentation space, a small table for materials, access to WiFi, and a screen and appropriate technology to display PowerPoint presentations.

Request a date early for best availability! We recommend submitting your request at least one month in advance of your desired program date.

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No More Bullying!



Lollypop Farm is determined to break the perpetual cycle of human and animal abuse. No More Bullying!® is a truly innovative elementary school bullying and violence prevention curriculum. The curriculum lessons and instructions are rooted in a rich history, reinforced by the integration of “daily practice” and it’s having an impact! In 2019 independent researchers evaluated the effectiveness of the program, discovering that students participating showed statistically significant improvements in the areas of Empathy and Self-Awareness & Self-Management as a result of the program. These areas of improvement also align with the CASEL competencies for social and emotional learning.

  • Integrates the human and animal perspective
  • Conveys the significance of treating all living beings with care
  • Captivates students’ attention while establishing the core value concepts
  • Creates rewarding opportunities to practice, practice, practice the core values
  • Inspires students to live healthier lives and become valuable contributors within their community
  • This program is intended to be taught over the course of FIVE 60 minute sessions.
  • Grades: 3rd, 4th, and 5th
  • Program Fee: $125

PEP! (Pet Education Project) TALK



PEP! Talks are fun classroom workshops to teach kids ‘The 5 Steps to a Happy and Healthy Pet!©’ PEP! Talks incorporate a variety of visuals, music, games, and prizes to engage kids on topics that promote responsible pet ownership!

  • Approximate Length: 45 minutes
  • Age Range: K – 8
  • Program Fee: $50

B.A.R.K. (Be Aware, Responsible, and Kind)



B.A.R.K. is a fun and interactive program for young animal lovers! The participants will learn that dogs have feelings, too (just like humans)! They will explore how dogs show different emotions such as happiness, stress, fear, frustration, nervousness, and relaxation. Participants will gain an understanding of dog body language, how to play safely with your dog, and avoiding bites.

  • Approximate Length: 45 minutes
  • Age Range: Pre K – 5
  • Program Fee: $50

CATS 101

CATS 101

Do you ever look at your cat and wonder what they are thinking? Some cats have illusive behavior that can be misunderstood by humans. During this workshop participants will learn how to understand what a cat is communicating.

  • Approximate Length: 45 minutes
  • Age Range: All ages
  • Program Fee: $50

All About Lollypop Farm



Ever wonder about the history of Lollypop Farm? Curious about what programs and services we offer? A Lollypop Farm representative will come and speak to your group about our organization and discuss how you can help save homeless and abused pets in the greater Rochester community.

  • Approximate Length: 45 minutes
  • Age Range: All ages
  • Program Fee: $50

Pet First Aid and CPR



Learn lifesaving skills to help protect your furry family member. This class is designed to help pet owners provide temporary, urgent care to pets until they can reach a veterinary or emergency clinic.

  • Approximate Length: 2 hours
  • Age Range: 14+
  • Max group size: 20 people
  • Program Fee: $75 per person

Paw Pals: Pet Sitters in Training



Interested in becoming a pet sitter? This course helps prepare youth and teens, ages 12 to 16 years, to provide safe reliable care for household pets.

  • Approximate Length: 3 hours
  • Age Range: 12 – 16 years old
  • Program Fee: $45 per person, minimum of 6 people (scholarships available)
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