End-of-Life Resources

Facing the difficulties that come with losing a pet can be overwhelming. As an organization of animal-lovers we understand what you may be feeling as you prepare to say goodbye to your beloved family member.

Euthanasia Resources

We understand how hard it is to say goodbye to your beloved pet. Sometimes, cost can make it even harder. Learn more.

Cremation Services

When it is time to say good-bye, Lollypop Farm offers communal cremation services to suit your needs. Learn more.

Columbarium Burials

Lollypop Farm offers a peaceful resting place for your pet’s remains at the columbarium located in the Lengeman Memorial Pet Cemetery. Learn more.

Pet Loss Support Group Resources

Because we at Lollypop Farm understand the feelings of grief that the loss of a pet can bring, we have compiled a list of different pet loss support groups that we believe you’ll find helpful in your healing journey. These groups give you an opportunity to express your feelings, share with others, and learn how to cope. Learn more.

Pet Memorials: Honoring the Life of Your Pet

After you’ve had to say goodbye to a beloved pet, you can honor the life of your animal friend – or acknowledge the passing of a loved one’s pet – by choosing one of our pet memorials. Pet memorial donations directly support our efforts to care for homeless animals. Learn more.