Summer Camp

future vet


Campers entering 4th-6th Grade:
July 6-10, July 20-24, August 3-7, & August 17-21

Campers entering 7th-9th Grade:
July 20-24, & August 3-7

Future Vet Camp is for young animal lovers who are interested in exploring a career as an animal care provider. We will discover just what it takes to become a veterinarian and explore many other animal related jobs while beginning to build on the foundation for the vets of the future. As an added highlight, campers hear from staff members from our clinic to learn about providing medical care for animals in an animal shelter, including the optional activity of observing an animal surgery.

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animal adventurers camp


Campers entering: 4th-6th Grade:
July 13-17, July 27-31, & August 10-14

This camp is intended for young animal advocates that want to learn about and enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at daily life at an animal shelter and farm. Each day there will be hands-on opportunities and engaging activities designed to promote the next generation of animal friends. Through interactive, hands-on lessons and featured guest speakers, campers will have the opportunity to explore animal-related careers, learn about animal welfare issues, and spend time with an array of animals. Campers will learn behavior and training tips, animal care, and proper handling techniques utilizing a variety of animals.

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furry friends


Campers entering: 2nd-3rd Grade
July 13-17, July 27-31, & August 10-14

Furry Friends Camp celebrates the animal-human bond, with a focus on how we can make animals feel safe and comfortable. Students have ample hands-on learning opportunities and will work with a variety of animals. This camp also features lots of age-appropriate games, physical activities, and fun projects on topics ranging from dog bite prevention to responsible pet ownership. Campers will have an opportunity to hear from the experts, as we feature various guest speakers from the shelter, including Animal Behavior Staff, Animal Care Attendants, and Humane Law Enforcement Officers. Furry Friends Camp encourages compassion and respect for all living things through fun activities and plenty of animal interactions.

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horse heroes


Campers entering: 7th-9th Grade
July 7-10

Horse Heroes Camp is perfect for teenage animal lovers with an interest in equines. Each day at Lollypop Farm there will be hands-on, fun experiences and educational activities aimed at engaging young horse lovers. Horse Heroes campers will have the opportunity to learn about equine care and training, explore animal-related careers, and spend time with our rescued horses.

Please note that Horse Heroes is not a riding camp. There will be opportunities for campers to have direct interaction with rescued horses, including grooming. Riding will NOT be offered.

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pet pals camp


Campers entering: Kindergarten-2nd Grade
August 17-19

Pet Pals Camp is designed to teach young children about animals and being responsible pet guardians. Campers will learn about proper pet care, dog bite prevention, and kindness for all living things. In addition to fun activities, Pet Pals Camp also includes various animal interactions daily. This interactive, activity-based learning process helps campers make connections between animals and their own life experiences.

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junior camp counselor


The junior camp counselor volunteer program is a great way for teens to gain valuable job experience working with children and animals in an education environment. Teens ages 15-17 accepted to the program will assist Lollypop Farm camp staff in providing fun and engaging week-long sessions of camp to children in grades K – 9.

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