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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Match Your Gift, Double Your Impact

Do you work for a matchmaker?

Did you know your employer might double or even triple your donations to help pets at Lollypop Farm? Many companies will even match donations made from spouses and retirees or make a matching gift for the hours you volunteer.

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Matching Gifts provide you with an easy way to potentially double, if not triple, your original donation! Your employer, your spouses’ company, or even a company you are retired from may match your gift. Just ask Dejan!

Dejan Jozic and his wife are animal lovers who see their two German Shepherds and cat as an extension of their family. “We are fortunate to be able to love and care for our pets but understand that these are tough times and not everyone can provide the level of care we do.” Keeping pets in homes is something near and dear to their hearts. “When we have the opportunity to volunteer and support a charity, we want it to fit our lifestyle and interests,” he shared. “Lollypop Farm checks all the boxes for us.”

Dejan’s company matches his donations. His support is doubled because he fills out the proper paperwork with his employer: “I feel like if you are willing to donate your hard-earned money, it only makes sense to maximize your commitment. It doesn’t hurt to ask if they will match gifts and double your support!”

“You’d be surprised at the commitment level of local companies,” Dejan shared. “They are quietly giving back to the community. Supporting a good cause is good for them too.”


If your company’s information did not appear above, your employer might still have a matching gift or volunteer service

grant program. Please contact your HR department to find out if your donation can be matched.