Lilla wonders, can you help me find a family?

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Lilla has been waiting for a home for almost a whole year.

Hi there! I’m Lilla! Maybe you’ve seen me on TV, on the internet, or even at Lollypop Farm when you’ve come to visit. You see, I’ve been here for a pretty long time. Almost 10 months!

I came to the shelter because I was sick and my owners weren’t able to get me the care I needed. My skin was so irritated I was almost completely pink back then. I didn’t know it, but certain types of foods can make me ill. I’d like to eat just about everything, but the folks here at Lollypop Farm have found a special type of food that keeps me healthy, and it tastes pretty good, too!

She’s a sweet girl who would love nothing more than a family of her own.

I would really love to have all of your affection and attention. I know it may sound picky, but I don’t like being around other dogs or cats. I sure do love people, though! Think maybe I could be your one and only? I’d show you all of my tricks – sit, down, stay, and my favorite of all – fetch! I may be 7 years old, but I can still run and jump just like a puppy.

Lilla is hoping you might be able to spread the word about her.

My friends at the shelter say that I’m “priceless.” I like to think this means I’m very special, but it also means I could go home with the right adopter for free! Between you and me, I feel pretty sad here sometimes. I love going for walks, getting cuddles, and playing outside, but really, I miss being part of a family.

Won’t you please forward this email or tell a friend about me? I’d really, really like to go home.

Woof! (Love Lilla)

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