Admissions FAQs

Before you decide to surrender your pet to Lollypop Farm, please review our alternatives to surrendering your pet.
Making an appointment to surrender your pet helps Lollypop Farm helps us plan for space and resources at the shelter. Request a consultation with an admissions counselor and a member of our team will in touch to provide you with resources and help you determine the best next steps for you and the pet in your care.
If you are having a crisis and need to surrender your pet immediately, we are here to help. Please give us a call at 585-223-1330.
If you have scheduled an appointment to surrender your pet, please bring the following items with you to your appointment. Bring your pet’s veterinary records, medication, and any other information about him. Cats are especially stressed when placed in new situations, so if possible please bring a familiar bed or blanket.  All dogs must be leashed, and all cats must be in carriers.
Please fill out a pet profile sheet for you dog, cat, rabbit, bird, or reptile in as much detail as possible and bring it to the shelter with your pet. This information will be very helpful to us. If you do not bring the form with you, you will be asked to fill it out at the shelter.
There is no fee to surrender your pet; however, we do request a donation of at least $40 per pet to help us with the high costs of care. Additional fees may apply.
When you arrive at Lollypop Farm follow the signs for “Incoming Animals” to the left and back of the building to find the Admissions Department at the Fairport Shelter. There is parking available at this part of the building so you will not have to carry/walk your pet around the building.
Animals surrendered to Lollypop Farm are evaluated based on health and temperament. If the animal meets our criteria for adoption or we are able to treat health issues or address behavior concerns, the animal will be placed for adoption and there is no time limit. If an animal does not meet our criteria for adoption, we may seek other alternatives including but not limited to transfer to another shelter, behavior modification intervention, and veterinary services. If a safe and humane solution can’t be reached the animal may be humanely euthanized. In some cases we may be able to tell you the likely outcome of surrendering; however we are not always able to predict your pet’s future. You may rest assured that your pet will be treated with kindness, dignity, and compassion.