Doggy Day Out

Please note that Doggy Day Out will be unavailable on Sunday, 3/5.

Do you…

  • Rent and aren’t allowed a canine companion?
  • Not have time for regular volunteering to come to the shelter and spend time with the dogs?
  • Not know how a pup could fit into your lives and may not be ready to fully commit to adoption at this time?
  • Simply LOVE dogs?

Although we do our best to make sure every animal is settled and loved during their stay here, any shelter environment can be a strange, scary, and stressful place. Studies have shown that even just a couple of hours outside of a shelter can reduce stress levels in dogs. On your Doggy Day Out, you can help them work on social skills, meet potential new owners who may not have found their way into the shelter to meet them in the first place, and give them time in peace and quiet. Doggy Day Out is available anytime during our regular Adoption Center hours which can be found here. No appointment is necessary at this time.

**Please note that you must complete a signout form each time you take a dog out for a Doggy Day Out. Once the signout form is filled out, you will turn it into our Adoptions Desk and be put in our queue to speak to an Adoption Counselor. We have plenty of signout forms at Lollypop Farm, but if you want to save a few minutes, you can download, print, and bring it in with you.**

Download Signout Form

All dogs for regular adoption are available for a Doggy Day Out!

What each dog is allowed or able to do during their Doggy Day Out may vary based on their behavioral or medical needs.

Anyone with a valid ID is 21 years of age or older.
We want both the person and the dog to be a good fit for each other. However, we hope to prioritize dogs that fall into the following categories:
Large and medium-sized dogs, long-term stay dogs, senior dogs, kennel-stressed dogs, fearful dogs, and dog-selective/dog-reactive dogs.
We ask that during your Doggy Day Out, you do not do the following:

  • Introduce the dog to other animals
  • Take the dog to a dog park or pet store
  • Leave the dog unsupervised for any length of time

These guidelines are for the protection of both yourself and the dog in your care.

As previously mentioned, some dogs will have limitations on activities due to behavioral or medical needs. Our staff will go over any of those concerns with you before you go for your Doggy Day Out. In most cases, some fun ideas are:

  • Going for a hike or run
  • Enjoying a long car ride
  • Playing fetch or with other toys
  • Exploring a new park
  • Simply eating, watching TV, or relaxing in each other’s company
Yes! You will receive all the basic necessities for your Doggy Day Out. These supplies include, but are not limited to:

  • An “Adopt Me!” bandana
  • Waste bags
  • Front-clip harness
  • Collar with Lollypop Farm tags
  • 6-foot leash

In Case of Emergency