Animal Emergency Reponse

Humane Law Enforcement officers from Lollypop Farm, working along with the United States Department of Agriculture and Department of Environmental Conservation police officers, brought in nearly 800 animals with babies being born including numerous rats, rabbits, and other small animals to Lollypop Farm for IMMEDIATE care on March 14th.

This is an active case, so details and any information regarding the animals will not be available at this time. We will try to update everyone as details can be made available to the public.

Care for these animals will take time, space, and resources. You can make a huge difference in what happens next for these animals.

Foster A Pet

We’ve set up temporary housing for the guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, degus, piglets, rats, mice, and spiny mice in our Terrence B. McIntee Training and Education Center, as the remainder of our small animal housing, is full. Many of these small pets may need extra time and attention while in our care.

Fostering a pet in your home helps provide these animals the gentle care they need to recover and stops overcrowding at Lollypop Farm. We’ll provide you with the supplies and information you need to help these pets in your home.

Would you be willing to foster a small fluffy friend if needed?

Become a foster care volunteer

Make a Donation

Veterinary and shelter care for rescued pets is critical in helping them healthy lives. Your donation today ensures these pets and others in need receive the intervention and care they desperately need.

Help Save Lives

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Have you been thinking of adopting? Now is the time! Many animals in need of new loving homes are already waiting for you. Adopting your new pet now not only saves the lives of even more animals like those rescued recently but brings the joy of a new family member to your home.

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