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Judge originally came to Lollypop Farm in September of 2005 at seven years old. Originally trained as a racehorse, he needed a confident and consistent rider to help guide him as he transitioned to a pleasure horse yet his previous owner left Judge feeling anxious and confused. Having few resources and limited to no riding space at Lollypop Farm, Judge’s training progressed at a slow speed. Still, we never gave up on him!

After many years without consistent riding, Judge finally got his chance. In January 2015, thanks to a gift from a generous donor, he was sent to a trainer to get back into shape. His trainer gave him this recommendation:

“With consistent work, Judge will make an excellent pleasure horse. Judge has a sweet personality and desires to please yet doesn’t always understand how. With patience Judge is a fantastic horse to work with.”

With spring around the corner and the lucky chance of having an open pasture to ride in, the newly-hired trainers at Lollypop Farm were able to build on his skills. In August of 2015 Judge and his pal Eric, also from Lollypop Farm, found their new home together.

While Judge always had a safe place at Lollypop Farm, his story is the perfect example of how the Pony Up! Campaign for the Equine Program at Lollypop Farm will not only restore homeless horses to health, but also be able to address behavioral issues resulting from lack of handling, training, and in some cases, abuse. Your support will help build an indoor rehabilitation and training center and hire dedicated equine staff — enabling swift adoptions to new, loving homes!

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