Our Mission


Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester, is committed to building lifelong bonds between people and animals through education, community outreach programs and the prevention of cruelty.


We envision a time when our community celebrates the human-animal bond; embraces the mutual benefits therein; and treats all fellow beings with care, compassion, and respect.


We embrace and recognize that Lollypop Farm donors are the heroes of our work — voluntarily offering time or money, no matter the amount — to support our mission.
Together, our core values unify and guide us to provide the best service to the animals, our community, our organization and ourselves:

  • We exhibit our compassion for each other and the animals in everything we do
  • We communicate openly and clearly
  • We are flexible in our approach to an ever changing environment
  • We drive for continuous improvement through our individual commitment
  • We embrace teamwork among staff and volunteers
  • We build the Lollypop Farm Community through personal integrity, respect and support for each other.

Core Values

Compassion: Showing empathy and sympathy for what others—people and animals—are experiencing through constructive and positive actions.

Communication: A two-way process in which there is an exchange and progression of thoughts, feelings, or ideas towards a mutually accepted goal or direction.

Flexibility: Being willing and comfortable adapting to new circumstances and conditions.

Commitment: A pledge to the mission, fellow employees, volunteers, animals, and the community.

Teamwork: Willingness to collaborate and communicate to achieve a common goal, understanding that the organization works best when unified.

Integrity: Pursue our mission with honor, fairness, and respect for animals, individuals, and the organization.

Respect: Showing consideration and professional regard for all aspects of the organization.


Achieve 82% save rate by 2017

  • Expanding our companion & farm animal adoption promotions
  • Providing our adoptable animals the best medical, behavioral, and physical care.
  • Increasing our efficiency to reduce lengths of stay, and reduce costs.
  • Enhancing our staff development programs to foster internal growth and expertise
  • Improving our customer experience.

Increase Community Access to Veterinary Services

  • Developing funding for providing veterinary services to pet owners
  • Implementing comprehensive outreach strategies to educate the community on spay/neuter and on how to access affordable services

Enhance humane law enforcement coverage & community awareness of animal cruelty laws

  • Hiring 2 new officers and reducing response time
  • Partnering with government agencies and other stakeholders to educate on current animal cruelty laws.
  • Delivering programs for the community on preventing animal cruelty
  • Advocating for better animal protection laws

Establish Long-Term Financial Plan

  • Developing a more sustainable business model and building internal capacity
  • Evaluating current programs for effectiveness and impact.
  • Developing additional revenue sources.
  • Strengthening brand identity and expanding our reach