Our Mission


A just and compassionate world for all animals.


Together with our community, we better the lives of animals through justice, prevention, and life-saving care.


We embrace and recognize that Lollypop Farm donors are the heroes of our work — voluntarily offering time or money, no matter the amount — to support our mission. Together, our core values unify and guide us to provide the best service to the animals, our community, our organization, and ourselves.

Compassion: We show empathy and sympathy for what people and animals are experiencing through positive and constructive actions.

Communication: We engage in a two-way process to exchange thoughts, feelings, and ideas in pursuit of a mutually-accepted goals or direction.

Flexibility: We are willing and comfortable adapting to new circumstances and conditions.

Commitment: We persevere in our efforts to achieve our mission.

Teamwork: We collaborate and communicate to achieve common goals, understanding that the organization works best when unified.

Integrity: We pursue our mission with honor, fairness, and respect for animals, individuals, the organization, and our community.

Respect: We show consideration and professional regard for all aspects of the organization.


Our 2018-2021 Strategic Plan brings us closer to achieving our vision of a community where all fellow beings are treated with care, compassion, and respect. The two overarching goals of the plan are to achieve a save rate of 85%+ and to be a premier shelter in the country.  The five pillars of the plan encompass the multitude of activities Lollypop Farm engages in every day to build lifelong bonds between people and pets.

Objective 1:  Provide Superior Care for Animals in Need and Increase Our Save Rate

Objective 2:  Attract and Retain the Best Employees and Volunteers

Objective 3:  Fight Animal Crimes and Ensure the Humane Treatment of Animals

Objective 4:  Be the Premier Resource to Keep Pets Healthy and in Homes

Objective 5:  Ensure Financial Sustainability and Growth

Read more about our 2018-2021 Strategic Plan.