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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Lilly, a 13-year old Golden Retriever, was brought to Lollypop Farm in early June when her owner was no longer able to care for her.

Sadly, Lilly had many health issues when she arrived. Thanks to animal lovers like you, the Lollypop Farm veterinary team was able to provide her with life-changing medical services and a second chance. Lilly suffered from severe dental disease, cataracts, painful arthritis, an ear infection, and several masses on numerous areas of her body including the top of her head. These conditions made life hard for Lilly.

After Surgery
Dr. Ann Marie McNamara giving Lilly some love after waking up from surgery.

“The biggest thing standing in the way of Lilly’s quality of life was her untreated hypothyroidism”, said Dr. Ann Marie McNamara. The medical staff started Lilly on a medicine that will supplement her thyroid, making her feel better.

The veterinary team then quickly went to work by removing all the masses and taking care of her teeth and ear. Lilly was given joint supplements and pain medication to provide her with more comfort and mobility.

After care
Your support made Lilly’s care and second chance possible.

Once Lilly was feeling better she was made available for foster-to-adopt. This is a great way to help reduce stress for the pets at Lollypop Farm while allowing Lollypop Farm to provide additional support for short-term care related to the veterinary services Lilly received at the shelter.

Riding home
Look at that big smile during Lilly’s ride home! She knew she was going to a great foster home.

Lilly has been doing great in her foster home. Her foster parent said she has been getting more and more energy as the days go on and as she heals. Lilly loves to take naps, but also enjoys going on several short walks throughout the day. We were so happy that this sweet girl had found such a loving place to recover.

Snoozing at home
Lilly taking a big snooze after one of her walks.

When Lilly came back to Lollypop Farm for a checkup about a week after living in her foster home, her foster parent announced that she planned on adopting Lilly. What a happy ending to Lilly’s journey!

Lilly getting ready for her checkup with our medical staff.
Lilly hearing the news that she is going to be officially adopted!