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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Is your birthday coming up this month? More and more frequently, kids and adults alike are using their birthdays as a means to support a cause that’s important to them. In lieu of gifts, you can ask your friends, family, and followers to make a donation supporting homeless and abused pets in our community, or host an event that benefits animals in need!

Ways to use your birthday to help pets

  • Creating a Facebook birthday fundraiser
  • Using the Instagram donation sticker to fundraise
  • Collecting donations for shelter pets instead of gifts
  • Having a birthday party at Lollypop Farm
Setting up a Facebook birthday fundraiser is an easy way to help benefit the pets in our community.

Setting up your own Facebook birthday fundraiser

It’s so easy to start your own Facebook birthday fundraiser! Just click here to create your page, and follow our tips below to knock your fundraiser out of the park.

  • Set an attainable goal (we’d suggest starting with $200!) and when you get close to or reach your goal, you can increase it! This will keep up the fundraising momentum, and give your friends and family a number to shoot for.
  • Share your fundraiser. Invite your friends, family members, and co-workers to make donations to your fundraiser by posting about it on your Facebook wall.
  • Post in your fundraiser frequently. Sharing stories directly from our Facebook page or posting photos of your own pets are both great ways to encourage your friends to donate. You may even want to share a recent story from Lollypop Farm! Feel free to scroll through our blog and choose a story that speaks to you – it will probably speak to your friends and family, too!
  • Thank people who make donations to your fundraiser. This is a great way to engage your friends that are generous enough to make a gift to help pets in need, and encourage others to do so.

The great thing about creating a Facebook birthday fundraiser is that 100% of the funds you raise for pets in need come directly back to Lollypop Farm.

Use your cute pet pics to benefit pets in need when you add a donation sticker to your Instagram stories.

Using Instagram to Raise Funds For pets in need

Did you know that there is now a donation sticker on Instagram stories? It’s so easy to use, and 100% of the funds raised through the platform directly support homeless pets at Lollypop Farm! Here’s how to get started.

When creating an Instagram story, simply select the “donation” sticker from your sticker options! You’ll then be prompted to search for your charity of choice, and can type in “Lollypop Farm” – then select our name when it pops up. Finally, you’ll be able to add your donation sticker to your story. You can change the color and give it a fun name to draw attention to your fundraiser! We suggest that in order to have the most success, you share the sticker in your story several times and “highlight” the story to ensure that more people see it. Pairing the sticker with cute pictures of your pets is a great way to engage your Instagram followers!

Collecting donations for pets in need instead of birthday gifts

If digital fundraising isn’t your thing, you can also host a good old-fashion supplies drive for your birthday! Ask your friends, family, or coworkers to donate supplies that are needed at the shelter to help pets waiting for homes – things like toys, unopened food, litter, and more. Here’s where you can find a list of the shelter’s most urgent needs. You can then bring the items to Lollypop Farm directly and see the difference your generosity makes!

You can make a big difference in a pet’s day when you ask your friends to donate supplies for shelter pets instead of receiving gifts for your next birthday.

Having a birthday party at Lollypop Farm

Did you know that we host birthday parties at Lollypop Farm? Your party guests will have an amazing day. Plus, all of the funds raised from these events directly support our mission to help pets in need.

Petacular birthday parties include:

  • Private Party Room (with birthday party decorations and table covers)
    – Behind-the-scenes shelter tour
    – Pawesome activities including games, crafts, and more
    – Favor bags for party guests
    – Birthday guest of honor will receive a stuffed animal and a Lollypop Farm T-shirt

Click here to learn more and schedule a party at Lollypop Farm!

Shea’s Birthday Fundraiser to help homeless pigs

“A couple of weeks before my birthday, I saw an article on social media about a number of homeless potbellied pigs that were being taken in by Lollypop Farm, said Shea Coleman, a new donor to Lollypop Farm.

Shea Coleman decided to turn her birthday into a fundraiser to help pets in need after reading an article about the number of homeless pigs brought to Lollypop Farm.

“I have a soft spot for pigs, and knowing that these new shelter residents would most likely need to be vaccinated, dewormed, spayed and neutered, not to mention fed and cared for on a daily basis, I wanted to help out. I have 2 pet potbellied pigs and although they’re very enjoyable, they’re just not a good match for every household. Lollypop does so much to educate potential pig parents on what their particular needs are to make sure they end up in a forever home. Unfortunately, pig breeders do not offer this same educational service so many pigs end up homeless and in shelters. I am happy to help raise funds for Lollypop Farm as they work towards educating the public on the quirky, unique aspects of being a pig parent!”

Thanks for considering using your birthday to help pets in need – you’re the cat’s meow!