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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

I am writing this blog post today to let you know about changes coming to Lollypop Farm’s Greece Ridge Mall and Greece PetSaver Healthy Pet SuperStore satellite adoption locations in the coming months. Below you will find a summary of the changes to come, as well as some frequently asked questions regarding these updates to our adoption locations.

For over 20 years, Lollypop Farm has recognized the importance of having a satellite adoption location on the west side of our community. We are grateful for the many volunteers and staff who have made Lollypop West in Brockport and our Greece Ridge Mall location their passion over time. Because of these dedicated staff members, volunteers, and community members, nearly 13,000 animals have been placed in new loving homes!

Our satellite adoption centers in Greece have helped nearly 13,000 pets like Flower find happy homes!

We now have the opportunity to merge our two Greece adoption centers, thanks to our long-standing partnership with PetSaver Healthy Pet Superstore. The organization is in the process of rebranding all of their stores to Pet Supplies Plus! In doing so, they will be moving their current store (located at 1596 West Ridge Road) to a much larger and highly trafficked location in Ridgecrest Plaza at the corner of West Ridge Road and Fetzner Road, across from the Marriott Hotel.

Lollypop Farm has been invited to manage an adoption center within this new store, and it will operate much like our adoption centers in PetSaver stores in Brighton and Webster. Due to the location and size of this new Pet Supplies Plus, we will be combining our Greece Ridge Mall and PetSaver Healthy Pet SuperStore adoption centers into this new site, where staff and volunteers will be able to continue their life saving adoption services.

While the Greece Ridge Mall adoption center has been closed due to the COVID-19 situation, we have made the decision as an organization to permanently close that location. Pet Supplies Plus is looking to open their new store in late summer, and as the new store is being built and dates for our new adoption center are established, we will keep the public informed of developments along the way. We hope that you are looking forward to this new space and location!

Staff members and volunteers from Lollypop Farm will assist interested adopters at this new location!

Why now? Is this because of COVID-19?

We were approached with this opportunity in late 2019 and have been carefully considering our options while the locally-owned Pet Supplies Plus franchise (formerly PetSaver Healthy Pet SuperStore) finalized their plans. We just recently concluded our research into our options and determined our path forward.

Won’t reducing two locations into one mean fewer pets adopted?

We actually believe that we will be able to adopt more pets from this location for a few reasons: this is a higher-trafficked location than either the mall or the previous PetSaver Healthy Pet SuperStore location, and we will have just as much (if not more!) kitty condo space in the new location. Our partnership with Pet Supplies Plus will help drive adoptions, and in addition, this will help us save on animal care and transportation costs.

Will Lollypop Farm staff be working at the new Pet Supplies Plus location?

This adoption center will be managed similarly to our former Greece Ridge Mall location, with staff available to help community members interested in adopting pets. More information about the specifics of this new adoption location will be made available to the public as we move closer to opening.

When will the new Pet Supplies Plus location open?

The current plan is late summer, but we will make sure to update the public when we have more information available.

Which pets will be available for adoption at the new Pet Supplies Plus location?

At this point, interested adopters can expect to find the same types of pets that were formerly available at the Greece Ridge Mall location. This includes cats, kittens, small mammals, and potentially birds being available for adoption!

We look forward to sharing more information about this exciting new venture when it is available, and someday soon, welcoming you into our newest satellite adoption center!

With Lollypop Love,
Alice Calabrese, CAWA
President & CEO, Lollypop Farm