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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

You would never know from Chester Cheese Doodle’s affectionate personality and humorous cattitude that this orange fellow suffered terrible neglect before coming to Lollypop Farm.

The 2-year-old fluffy feline arrived at Lollypop Farm in January of this year. He was suffering from conjunctivitis and painful bladder stones, and if that wasn’t bad enough, his front right leg was severely infected to the point where it would have to be amputated. Because of this, Lollypop Farm’s Humane Law Enforcement Department investigated Chester’s case and made an arrest in connection with his neglect. In order to survive, Chester would require immediate veterinary care at Lollypop Farm.

Your support provides emergency veterinary care for homeless pets like Chester.

The first action necessary was the removal of Chester’s infected leg. While amputation is often a last resort for cases of injury in pets, the condition of Chester’s leg was unfortunately irreversible. He would require quite a long stay at Lollypop Farm during his healing process, and therefore was placed in an administrative office where he could recover in peace and be closely monitored.

Despite the difficulty of his surgery, Chester recovered with incredible speed. His stiches came out remarkably quickly, and Mr. Doodle adjusted to life as a three-legged cat in no time at all. “Although, sometimes he does still try to bat a toy with the missing leg, and topples over!” said Emily Nuffer, Animal Care Manager. (Chester’s newfound cat-like reflexes are a work in progress.)

One of Chester’s favorite places to sit is on top of his office mate’s supplies!

Chester found the office-cat life to be quite entertaining indeed. His favorite activities included pushing pens off of desks, lying on top of planners, stepping on keyboards, playing inside of paper bags, and hiding inside of drawers!

Animal Outreach Manager Jen Stolt was one of the staff members who shared an office with Chester. “He’s a character,” she said. “Chester is super affectionate and loves to give us “hugs” when we come into the office first thing in the morning.” She described how Chester would stand on a desk and reach his one leg up onto staff members, one by one, making sure that everyone gave him the attention he demanded.

This silly cat often entertains himself by finding new spaces in the office to explore.

Chester is an affectionate cat filled with personality who loves everyone he meets. Humans, that is! Chester is particular who he makes friends with, and would be happiest as the only pet in the home. After all Chester has been through, this kitty deserves to be a tad picky. Chester also requires a specialized diet, just to be sure his bladder stones stay under control. If your living situation matches Chester’s needs, you may just be in luck – he is currently on the market for  a new home!

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