Teen Volunteer FAQs

You must be at least 18 years of age before you can walk dogs, work in the cat room, or otherwise volunteer directly  with any of the animals.  We apologize for the restriction, but issues related to insurance force us to impose this requirement.

  • You can become a Teen Volunteer for youth ages 14-17. Click here to apply.
  • You can do an Independent Youth Service Project to support Lollypop Farm. Check out these ideas on projects and more information.
  1. Apply online. You will be notified whether you have been selected to participate by email. Acceptance decisions will be based on essay responses.
  2. Acceptance: Upon acceptance to the program, Volunteers will be asked to make a one-time $40 donation to cover the cost of a volunteer shirt, name badge and training.
  3. Volunteer Orientation: All volunteers must attend an initial orientation meeting with a parent/guardian.
  4. Sign-up for volunteer shifts. Once you attend orientation, you will be given an account in Volgitics, an online volunteer program accessible through any web browser. This is a communication tool that we use to notify volunteers of shifts and opportunities, as well as log all volunteer hours.
  • You should be able to read and communicate well enough to follow instructions.  You should get along well with others, because you will have to work closely with staff members or other volunteers.  But you should also have the ability to work independently  without close supervision.
  • You and a parent/guardian must attend the initial volunteer orientation prior to volunteering.

We rely on our committed volunteers to help with the day-to-day responsibilities in our shelter. Volunteers are expected to be responsible for all shifts that they sign up for. If you are unable to work a shift that you committed to, you will need to let the program managers know in time to find a replacement.

Teen Volunteers that commit to a shift but do not follow through will be asked to leave the program.

There is no minimum commitment. Once you attend orientation, you will be contacted via email. We simply ask that when you commit to a volunteer opportunity that you follow through with the task.

No, we ask that people to sign up for shifts, through Volgistics.

The Teen Volunteer Program does not cover court-ordered community service.

  • Teen Volunteers: All volunteer opportunities will count towards community service hours for school and other youth program.
  • Independent Youth Service Projects: Check out our Youth Service Guide for more information and ideas on ways you can help support Lollypop Farm. Just keep track of how much time you spend on this project, and we’ll sign any documents required by your school.

Yes. Initial Volunteer Orientation is mandatory for all new volunteers. In order to participate as a Teen Volunteer, we require Teens to attend the initial orientation with a parent/guardian. The parent/guardian will also be asked to sign a waiver for the Teen.